Sunday, March 11, 2012

Conair Weight Watchers Inspirational Glass Scale (Review and Giveaway!)

With a focus on healthy living and improving our lives in 2012, this review and giveaway fits in perfectly! Introducing the simplistic, yet elegant Weight Watchers Inspirational Glass Scale by Conair.

I see you're looking at the image of the scale and you're wondering what exactly makes it "inspirational"? Well, Weight Watchers and Conair decided that the same things that motivate our children might just motivate us! But, before we get to that, let me tell you about the scale itself:

Weight Watchers scales by Conair are fragile, yet elegant looking at first glance. My initial reaction was to hug my arms around it and keep it at a distance from little children's hands. That was until I read that the scales are made of tempered glass. Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't have to watch over mine, because tempered glass will break, too, however they won't shatter into slices and shards like regular glass would, rather it would be more like chunks of glass if it were to break. I still keep a close eye on my Conair WW58S and have yet to completely surrender it to the bathroom.

Everyone Weigh In!

We all did get some enjoyment out of seeing how much everyone weighed, including the baby, who just started to sit up recently, and was able to fit on top of the scale's 12.4 inch by 12.4 inch platform. We were able to sit the once 4 lb, 15 ounce Chase on the sleek scale and the digital number increased to 19.7, where it stopped! At 6 months old! We weighed everyone, from smallest to biggest, and even the little kids were shouting out the right numbers when they lit up on the 1.5 inch display that will show either lbs or kgs. 

Even though there are long-life batteries and a limited ten-year warranty, we haven't needed to worry about the battery or the warranty yet, and hopefully, we never will.

What Motivates Us?

So, I mentioned earlier that Conair and Weight Watchers decided to implement a motivation system with their scales that normally works for our children. What is the trick? Stickers! Or decals, as they call them.

Some of the inspirational quotes that came with mine are:

"Live the Life You Have Imagined" -Henry Thoreau

"Whatever you believe, You can ACHIEVE."

"Explore, Dream, Discover" -Mark Twain

"I am more than what I do, and more than what I own."

and "determination!"

Then, there are also butterflies and a lipstick kiss to decorate around your chosen inspirational saying. 

Buy It: The Weight Watchers by Conair Digital Scale Model WW58S can be purchased online at Conair and retail around the $29.99 price point. Also, look at retailers like Kmart to see if they carry this scale.

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