Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blackberry Spy Helps You Deal with Your Pregnant Teen

Your teen has made a mistake that cannot be taken back or "solved". The only solution to it is to go through it and let time pass. If your teen has encountered pregnancy in such a small age then it will affect her differently. Many teens get depressed, many take the transition from child to mother seriously and become somber in life.

American population statistics state that every year approximately 820,000 teenage girls get pregnant, concluding that around 34% teenagers have at least one pregnancy before the age of 20. You need to know how your teen takes this situation and make sure she doesn’t encounter any psychological or physical troubles that might cause her or her unborn child danger. With the help of Blackberry Spy, you can ensure that your teen is safe and her thoughts and feelings are monitored.

Find Out What Your Daughter is Thinking

Blackberry spy’s online history log feature can help you keep a check on your teen's online browsing. Your teen might be depressed or worried about her situation and this could reflect in what she searches for online. Your daughter could be asking for help about what to do with the child; take care of it or give it up for adoption. In the end it’s your teen’s decision, and the advice that she could get online might create more confusion for her. You need to help your teen with making this decision, rather than going through the thought process alone and using the internet for persuasion.

What Else is She Going Through?

Pregnancy can change your teen’s thoughts and ideas about her future, and therefore she could be depressed about her situation. Your teen could be looking for abortion or might leave all social attractions and friends after finding out about her pregnancy. With the Blackberry Spy, you can see if your teen is ignoring her friends and events purposely and therefore explain to her how important it is to be normal, or even take her for therapy to forgo any chances of depression or anxiety.

Monitor Texts

Blackberry spy will let you monitor your teen’s texts so you can find out what she talks about with her friends. It will help you realize whether or not she is she is taking the topic of being pregnant serious and being responsible about it - by allowing you check if she’s making plans to drink with friends at the upcoming party. Such activities could be dangerous for the baby and you can then explain to your teen about the grave situation and how she needs to be careful with her actions.

Obviously, whether or not we spy on our children is an option we should seriously consider before we do it. Yes, it's important to give our kids the space that they need, but in today's era of technology, anything can happen, because our children have access to information and advice that wasn't readily available when we were teens. I'm all for spying on our children to keep them safe, are you?

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