Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What to Wear for Valentine's Day

Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal to you and your husband anymore, it’s a great excuse to hire a babysitter and get out for a date. With such a rare occasion (where you can escape your Mommy persona and be a “regular” adult), it’s a good time to think a bit more about what you’re going to wear on your night out! That’s where I come in, with two different variations for what to wear this Valentine’s Day.
Go soft and romantic with pale pinks, creams, and whites. Think lots of lace, soft sheer fabrics, and feminine details like scallops, pleats, or bows. If the weather is chilly, add a structured blazer to your lace dress to give it some edge. Pretty cardigans or a warm scarf wrap is a great option for keeping toasty as well! A structured handbag or pretty clutch purse is the perfect accessory for this ladylike look. The grown-up details like the blazer or a belt are what keep this look from being too youthful, so don’t fret about looking too much like a cupcake.

Just because you’re a Mom doesn’t mean you can’t vamp it up a bit for a night out with the hubby! Combine deep reds with sexy black and you’re sure to get some attention! Also keep in mind that these bold colors make quite the statement. The mystery and drama of the color gives you all the sex appeal you need, while still being pretty modest. You’ll notice these outfits are a tad body hugging, but don’t show a ton of skin. To add something a tad wild, grab a snakeskin clutch to pair with this ensemble.

Need more inspiration for what to wear this Valentine’s Day? Head over to A Gal’s Guide to Valentine’s Day! Remember, this is a night about feeling great about yourself, so wear something you’ll feel great in (sorry, sweat pants don’t count) and head out for a hot night on the town!
Author Bio: As a writer for handbagheaven.com, I love sharing fashion tips with savvy moms and moms-to-be! When I’m not sharing style advice, I’m reading, cooking, and spending time with my husband!

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