Tuesday, February 28, 2012

VueZone - Webinar & Review

Do you know where your kids are? Today, I attended a webinar about this super-cool VueZone system:

It's a personal video camera system that can be installed easily to keep an eye on children indoors. The fact that it's wireless makes it perfect! Depending on the system you select, they have indoor cameras and motion detectors. And they are totally portable! So, if you're going to your parent's house with the children, or even a friend's house, you can take it with you!


Set-up, from what the company states, only takes 15 minutes, if that. And, the system can be set up wherever you want inside the house. I could use six or seven of these, set up in the kitchen (to find out who the soda thief is) and in the bathrooms (to make sure kids are brushing their teeth) and in the bedrooms (to make sure they're all in bed on time and not sneaking time on the computers).

The magnetic mounts are peel and stick. Super-easy! The cameras are battery operated, so no wires! You can gain access to your account online.

Smartphone Apps

Monitor your children (live stream!) on your smartphone with a convenient app!


Motion detectors will also capture video and send the footage to your email with a link to access the video.

What Else?

You can watch, record and even share your videos! And, for moms like me who would love to have a camera in each room of the house, you can have up to 15 cameras on a system. There is a free package, a basic package and a premier package (the premier would be more for small businesses or houses like mine!).

What parent couldn't use a system like this? Let's not forget times when your oldest child is babysitting or the babysitter or nanny is at the house. How cool is it that you can watch a live stream on your cell phone while you're away from the house?

· SX2500 VueZone systems (valued at $249.95 each) -
·  SM2200 VueZone systems (valued at $199.95 each) - this is the motion detection system

This post was published for a chance to win an SM2200 VueZone system. With seven children and a home-based business, this would be an awesome way to keep an eye on the chaos while I'm working! 

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