Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI - Concussion Awareness and Giveaway!

We're hours away from the Big Game, die-hard fans are preparing for their Super Bowl parties, crowds are getting ready to gather in the field, and then there's the CDC reminding us about the dangers of the sport with their Concussion Awareness Campaign. While betting pools grow larger an anticipation for the big day builds, people are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the safety of the players.

Because I couldn't have said it better, you can check out some pretty hard-hitting statistics about concussions in this article at One thing that I will point out is that we're in New York, so there's a concussion in sports policy in our state, established in memorial of Zachary Lystedt. You can check out his story and where your state legislature currently stands on the topic here.

Henrici Consulting Promotions also wants to help spread the word about sports safety and concussions, and are doing so by hosting an exciting giveaway for football fans. Up for grabs: A three-layered, water resistant Reebok jacket, zippered pockets, and topped off with a snazzy NFL logo embroidered on it.

You can get tons of entries in one visit! And, they're giving away 5, so don't miss out!

Enjoy the game! Here's to a safe Super Bowl XLVI!

This post was sponsored by Henrici Consulting, LLC.
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