Friday, February 24, 2012

IRS "Where Is My Refund" Explanations and Have You Seen Your Refund Yet?

Wow! I've been listening to the mish-mash going on about IRS refunds and I found one article that really made a mess of things, totally misrepresenting ABC News and the author of the article, as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead and click the link, but be sure to come back!

Did you read it? Good.

This year has been a disaster for IRS tax returns, first with the IRS delaying the January tax returns to people, and well, February has been a mess, too. The "Where Is My Refund" page sat for the longest time displaying a half-way apologetic letter that some e-filers - I'm assuming after reading around that most of the e-filers - have received a message that their tax return has not been received.

And, then THIS article comes out on ABC News on Feb 15th, talking about how tax returns are not affected by the slowness of the site. Come on, IRS, there is no excuse for this mess! And, why, oh, why is the media trying to cover for the IRS? Seriously, from what I have gathered from other people, the direct deposits are showing up with no rhyme or reason. No special day of the week, and not when the site says it will happen.

Then, the writer of the article actually puts an op-ed spin to her so-called reporting by adding that the people who file early are usually poor people who are expecting a windfall. What?!?!

From what I've gathered, and I've been doing taxes for fifteen years now, individual and corporate, and when us, regular, working people pay taxes, we often OVERPAY because we don't want to UNDERPAY and owe Uncle Sam, because dealing with Uncle Sam is really like dealing with the mob.

You don't want to owe him.

So, we figure out the proper deductions so that we overpay and come out above at the end of the year.

Which makes a...REFUND! You don't have to be poor to get a refund.

I'm not going to go into a long, drawn out, bla bla bla about how if we're late paying our taxes, there will be penalties, but the IRS can pay us anytime...I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to fuss and whine about how I e-filed on February 2nd and still have yet to see my refund.

Today, we saw the update finally happen on the IRS Where Is My Refund site and it said February 27th, 2012, but if we don't see it by March 3, then we can call the IRS, and they can't do anything until March 3, so don't bother them until then, or something to that effect.

So, here I sit, wondering exactly when the direct deposit will happen. I guess we'll have to just wait patiently and see...

Have you received your tax return this year? How long did it take?

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