Friday, February 10, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres Laughs off the Comments About Her JC Penney Spokemodel Controversy

According to U.S. Weekly, this disgraceful site called One Million Moms is bashing JC Penney for putting Ellen DeGeneres on the forefront of their advertising.

Why? "This organization doesn't think I should be the spokesperson because I'm gay. For those of you who are just tuning in for the first time, it's true. I'm gay," Ellen joked on her show. "I hope you were sitting down. I hate to break it to you this way but anyway."

Image: JC Penney CEO and Ellen, Source: US Weekly

Apparently, this One Million Moms had the nerve to post that JC Penney was "jumping on the pro-gay bandwagon" on their Facebook page, and went on to say that "the majority of JC Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there." Do they seriously think that? I don't think Cover Girl has lost any profits because they had Ellen in some of their commercials, do you?

Ellen's take?

"First of all, being gay or pro-gay isn't a bandwagon. You don't get a free ride anywhere. There's no music. And occasionally we'll sing 'We Are Family' but that's about it." 

I just love Ellen and think that she handled herself well when she laughed off the criticism on her show. Good for her!

Here's the kicker:

I went to the One Million Moms website (yes, I know curiosity killed the cat, but...) and whoever is behind the scenes of the site certainly doesn't tener cojones (excuse my Spanish) to even say who they are! I mean, if you're bold enough to take that kind of stance, you should be brave enough to show your face, right?
It gets even better! If you go to the "How the Campaign Works" page, it says that you (the visitor of the site) can join the site. Then, "we" will contact you by email, with information about a specific "target" and a link to a "take action" page on the site. So, they already have a list of targets to aim their nasty attitudes at and they're going to use YOU as the ammunition.
Then, you, the joined member of the site, are supposed to email the "responsible party" and "voice your concern". THEN, you're supposed to tell your friends and family to "voice their concerns", too! So, basically, you're doing their dirty work for them.

The last line, in bold letters, states: "Your only commitment is to send the email on behalf of our children." 

On the behalf of our children? Are you kidding me?

They have another campaign, with a template letter written to sponsors of the television show 'Modern Family', about that show when Lily dropped the f-bomb. But, they went even further in their template letter with: "While your company is a household name, I do not agree with your financial backing of this program. The homosexual content is highly offensive and not family-friendly programming."

Here's when I go on my rant, so fasten your seat belt!

What are we teaching our children? To judge others? To put names and stereotypes and group together people, because we're not comfortable with what they are, or who they are, or how they live? Isn't that where the whole "bullying" thing comes in? We teach our children to pick on people who are "different", and that's okay? That's okay?

For a moment in time, I thought we were trying to move away from this behavior as a nation. But, unfortunately, there will always be the ignorant ones who hide behind their masks and make trouble.

One Million Moms, whoever you are, you're wrong! Whoever is participating in your shenanigans is wrong.


Your non-profit establishment may have good reasons to take a strong stance on topics, but we don't teach our children to point fingers and call names! We don't teach our children that people deserve to be singled out because they are "different", or not the "norm"! What in the world IS "normal" anymore?

We're not "protecting" our children because we write to some "responsible party" like JC Penney's and tell them that we won't buy from them because their spokesperson is gay.


We don't ask people to fill out "take action" forms, while we sit beneath our disguises and hide from the messes that we are making with our hurtful campaigns. And, we certainly don't use our children as the excuse to be hurtful to other people!

Shame on you, One Million Moms! Maybe you should change the name of your site to "Gay bashing moms", because that's exactly what you just did! You know, to me, it's not pro-gay or anti-gay, it's about equality and, when it all boils down, teaching our children RIGHT. Teaching our children to love one another, no matter what.

Okay, I'm done. :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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