Monday, February 27, 2012

Children and Food - Tips for Parents

Kids can be notoriously picky eaters.  Sometimes it can feel like you are cooking for a team rather than a few mouths, but besides that, your main concern is that your children are eating healthily. 

1.- Start as you mean to go on.

Children’s food preferences are set from an early age. As you may know already, even toddlers have the start of clearly defined tastes in food. Introduce them to foods that you regularly eat in small portions, so that they can get used to them. Make sure that they are mild in taste. Children’s sensitivity to the flavour of food is quiet strong.

2 - Your are the role model.

Children are the best mimics that one will ever see, they copy those around them. Try to engage in regular meals and snack healthy. If you eat lots of fruit, then your kids will as well. If you drink lots of soft drinks, then the same applies.

3 - Food should not be the only reward.

There is nothing wrong with rewarding children with treats and sweets but it can form a habit in which times of stress in later life are compensated with by over eating. Praise and attention are what children ultimately crave.  The human psyche craves validation, be generous with praise and encouragement.
4 - Eating out.

When eating out, why not discard the kids menu, at the least let them have a look at the older menu. It’ll be interesting to note that Kids can be drawn away from burgers and chips and will experiment with food, when they have the chance.

5 -  Soft drinks.

Soft drinks can be quiet deceptive. While your kids can eat really well, they can consume vast quantities of sugar by consuming soft drinks throughout the day.  Natural juices, milk or water are the best drinks for a child.

I hope that these few tips, which are readily applied to everyday life, will make a difference to the foods that your children eat and enjoy.

Edmund is learning how to manage 3 kids under the age of 5, a small business and 2 pet dogs. Life is busy but always enjoyable. Passionate about food and eating.

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