Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Memory Tips For Moms

The best memory tips involve taking care of your brain in the same way you do your body. We moms especially need to nourish our brains as we’re multi-tasking in ways that rival the best memory experts.

Exercise your mind, give it the right nutrients and take care of it every day and you will get the best memory improvement results. 

Your brain is nearly limitless in its capacity to create new neurons. The very fact that it is not static makes it easy to learn the best memory tips.
Best Memory Tips for Moms

1.       Use Puzzles and Crosswords.

As it turns out, playing games is one of the best memory tips.

Since your brain is not stagnant and you can add more connections, learning a new game like bridge, crossword puzzles, and playing brain games will yield the fastest results.

Why? You are actually exercising your brain just as you would exercise your body.
Try math puzzles, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, vocabulary screen savers and brain teasers and mix them up as the best memory tips for moms.

2.       Cross Your Midline.

In order to exercise your brain more, researchers say it helps to cross the midline of your body in order to activate both hemispheres and relax you at the same time.
Dancing, throwing and catching a ball, crossing one hand over the midline of your body, drawing figure 8’s in the air with your hands, and cross over jumping jacks are some of the best memory tips for moms.

3. Feed Your Brain The Nutrients It Needs.

There are many supplements on the market to assist your brain in all its functions.
The NIH (National Institutes of Health) has listed thousands of benefits for supplements like omega 3’s.

They improve not only your cardiovascular system, your joints, reduce inflammation but also help your brain and memory.

Many multi-vitamins have specifically added brain nutrients as one of the best memory tips for moms.

Just make sure to ask your doctor before taking any kind of memory supplements to ensure they are right for you and that they don’t interfere with any other supplements or medications you might be taking.

3.       Play Group Games. 

Group games make some of the best memory tips too.

Gather your friends together and have one of them go into the other room and change into other clothes.

Then, have them enter the room for about 30 seconds and leave quickly.

Each person in the group needs to recall everything possible about that person –height, weight, items of clothing, hair color, shoes, etc.

Write everything down and declare a winner.  Do this kind of exercise every few weeks until each person has won so that everyone in the group benefits from strengthening their memory.

5. Take A Memory Improvement Course

There are all sorts of courses online to improve your memory and come in CD’s if you are an auditory learner, videos if you are more visual learner, and more physical games if you are kinesthetic or tactile learner.

You can take the free Learning Styles Quiz on to see how you learn best and match activities to your learning style.

Search out the ones that are best for your learning style and these provide the best memory tips for you.

Games that time you on puzzles and matching games are very self-motivating to improve your score and these give you some of the best memory tips for moms available.

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