Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AWESOME GIVEAWAY! VueZone "Nanny Cam" System - SM2500 Cam and Motion Detector!

Yesterday, I wrote a post talking about this product called VueZone and their webinar that I attended. During the webinar, everyone was entered into the drawing for a VueZone system, and the first two bloggers who posted a blog post about the benefits of this wireless cam system for parents, on their blogs, immediately after the webinar, would receive a VueZone system.

What is VueZone? Think wireless "nanny cam"...but it can do so much more!

After the webinar, they gave away:

·         Two SX2500 VueZone systems (valued at $249.95 each)—one for an attendee and one for giveaway
·         Two SM2200 VueZone systems (valued at $199.95 each)—one for an attendee and one for giveaway
       ·        One SM2200 VueZone system to the first two attendees who post a story about the benefits of VueZone for parents

Guess What! I won! (Keep reading to find out which one!)

I was so totally excited, because I wanted one so bad! Okay, I'll tell you why. I have sneaky children, plain and simple. I'll have 3 full 2 liter bottles of soda in the fridge, and within hours, they can disappear. And the worst part...someone will leave the bottles in the fridge with two or three droplets left in the bottom.

Or, there are times when there is a dispute between two of the children. Wouldn't it be wonderful to let a camera capture these moments so all you have to do is replay the footage to find out the truth?

The system is also perfect for work-at-home moms like me. Set up the cameras in the playroom while you're in your office working and you can be watching your children and making sure that they are playing safely from the other room.

There's a smartphone app that works with the VueZone system so you can watch your kids on your cell phone, too.

I could come up with a ton of reasons that I'm going to love this "nanny cam" system. I can't wait to get it!

In the meantime, I listed the 4 different packages above that were given away after the webinar, and it must have been my lucky day, because I happened to be the person who won the SX2500 system, a $249.95 value, the BEST ONE!



I just love giving!

So, you say you want A Vuezone System too?

I don't blame you!

Here's what you need to do:

1) Leave a comment stating why you want a VueZone system or what you would use it for.

2) Like VueZone on Facebook

3) Follow VueZone on Twitter.

4) Like Mommy Rantings on Facebook.

5) Follow Mommy Rantings on Twitter.

This giveaway will end on March 6th at 12am EST. The winner will be contacted by email, so remember to leave your email address in the comment.

Good luck Good luck Good luck!

Thank you so much, VueZone, for my new "nanny cam" system and giving one away to a Mommy Rantings reader!

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