Sunday, February 26, 2012

Attention Kitchen Gadget Lovers! Recipe Rock Review

Are you tired of getting ingredients all over the cards and papers with your favorite recipes on them? Who woulda thunk it? A "rock" and a magnet = the Recipe Rock by Architec. Well, it's not exactly a rock. Let me show you what I'm talking about:

Now, would you think that this kitchen gadget would actually keep your recipes nice and clean and wrinkle-free? I wouldn't, but the curve in the "rock" and the exact placement of the magnet holds even a full-sized piece of paper that you would print a recipe on from your computer like this:

The Recipe Rock holds upright even flimsy magazine pages with it's special contours.  

And it holds papers and recipe cards up at an angle that is perfect to reference while you're cooking. So, let's put it to the many papers will this little Recipe Rock handle at one time? Let's say you're cooking up a dinner for the entire family for a should be able to stick up to 8 pages between the magnets before the Recipe Rock gives out.

Need to move to another area of the kitchen? Grab the Recipe Rock from the back and it easily becomes portable.

Cooking with the Kids

Yes, cooking with the kids is lots of fun, but they make messes, spill ingredients...and how many times have you had to quickly wipe of your recipes with a paper towel, wishing there was a better way? Enjoy cooking and baking time with the kids without having to worry about that, because the Recipe Rock protects your papers by holding them above the counter.

I think the Recipe Rock is a simple, yet practical an ingenious little must-have for the kitchen!

Unique Gift Idea!

You can also purchase a Recipe Rock for a friend, for any occasion. For those hard-to-buy-for people, this may be the out-of-the-box idea that you've been searching for. While it's great in the kitchen, the Recipe Rock can also be used in the office, holding papers right in plain sight on a desk, on the television, with important notes for the children, or on the mantle, to display a child's award from school. The ideas are endless...

You can find the Recipe Rock on Amazon in light blue or green for $9.99 or gray for $13.99.

I received a Recipe Rock for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was exchanged.

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