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Angels of Redemption

I am so excited to introduce to you a very special woman (and mother) with a story that will touch your heart. Without further ado, here she is:

By Alethea J. Salazar

My name is Alethea J. Salazar and I’m the author of the novel Angels of Redemption, which was published in August of 2009. I’m a single mother of four sons and I own and operate a one woman consulting business for builders and developers in the amazing city of Las Vegas, NV. Despite the downturn in the building industry I have managed to create a very specific market niche’ for residential builders and I have been able to maintain a successful career while I continue to write and do what I can to support my family in an economy that has been less than forgiving.
Ever since I was a child I have always had a love affair with literature.  I would read for hours on end as I let my heart and mind escape into the stories that would take me away to worlds that weren’t my own; worlds that were full of adventure and happy endings. The joy I got from reading inspired my dream of becoming a writer. But as with most dreams we often tuck them away into the back of our minds believing that they will never become a reality.  However, with perseverance and one creative idea I began to write… and I kept writing until I finished my book, Angels of Redemption. I worked hard sending out what seemed like thousands of query letters to agents and publishers. But all I got for my hard work and efforts were rejection letters… and then more rejection letters until I was ready to use my book, my creation, as kindling. But I refused to give up and eventually I fulfilled my lifelong passion of becoming a published author.
My inspiration for Angels of Redemption came from a life altering experience, not unlike what so many others have gone through. Like so many Americans I struggled to make ends meet in a faltering economy. For years I worked as an architectural manager in the building industry… and was making a handsome living… when I found myself jobless and collecting unemployment for the first time ever in my 20-plus year career. I was devastated and humiliated by the need to rely on others to help me take care of my own children.
Talk about a very humbling experience. I was unable to find a job to save my life... no one would hire me.  I had too much experience for this job… not enough for that one. The frustration and desperation continued to mount as the bills continued to pile up. Stress took a crippling toll on me as well as the entire family. This was the point where my family convinced me to start my own business. I became a consultant for builders who no longer had the staff to run their businesses efficiently due to downsizing. But even going out on my own I’ve never come close to replacing my lost income. We found ourselves quickly losing ground financially. At one point, we were even days away from having our home of 10 years auctioned off. I was in quicksand… and sinking fast.
As we quickly continued to slide down the slippery slope of financial devastation the fear of failing my sons and losing everything I had worked so hard for over the last decade gripped me like nothing ever had and the thought of being homeless after all those years was more than I could bear. Fear, despair and persistence quickly took over. I had to take back control… but I didn’t even know where to begin.
That is when the idea for my book, Angels of Redemption, took hold. The story is about a woman struggling with her own loss and despair as she is faced with the ultimate decision that will change the fate of her life and soul forever.
        Angels of Redemption is about a woman named Sarah who loses her family in a tragic car accident and she finds it impossible to go on day after day. Her loneliness and grief quickly consumes her, until in a final act of desperation she decides to take her own life.
But what she finds in death is not what she expected. Instead of spending eternity with her family, she finds herself lost, somewhere between Heaven and Hell, with other souls just like her. Their only goal is to earn their way into the gates of Heaven, and ultimately to their lost loved ones.
There is a catch. In order to earn their way into Heaven they must return to earth and save souls that are in despair. But they aren’t the only ones with an interest in these lost and desperate people. Satan unleashes his own army of demons to inflict as much chaos and despair as possible within their power.
Sarah finds herself in a timeless battle between good and evil over the souls of mankind, and the Redeemers will do whatever it takes to defeat the minions of Hell.
I have had an amazing time at many of the Las Vegas Local Author Book Signings and I have been privileged to be one of the featured authors at several conventions across the United States. So far I have been blessed with a loyal reader fan base who are anxiously awaiting the sequel, which I’m proud to say is finally close to completion. Rise of the Demon will be the second installment in the Angels of Redemption series. The series is currently scheduled to be a trilogy, but depending on the response from readers after the release of book 3 I may continue the series as an ongoing saga.
I have been blessed with a wonderful career, the privilege of becoming a published author and, most importantly, the mother of four of the most amazing young men anyone could ever know. I pray I will always have the good fortune to continue writing and give readers a world not their own they can escape to.

We wish you fortune and health in the future, Alethea! Now, go buy her book! :)

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