Friday, February 3, 2012

15 Things You Should Teach Your Kids about Stranger Danger

Do your kids know what to do if they are approached by a stranger?  Stranger danger is real.  Each and every kid must be taught what to do in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation with strangers. Listed below are 15 things that you should teach your kids about stranger danger. Knowing these things can help keep them safe and arm them with information they need to recognize when a problem exists.  

·         Bad things do happen to children as a result of “strangers.” Make sure that your children are aware that bad things do happen to children. You don’t have to go into to detail, but be sure they know that the fairytale world where everyone is safe is not real.  

·         Not all adults are good people.  Most kids feel that all adults are trustworthy.  Be sure you kids know differently.  Not all adults have their best interest at heart. 

·         Some people are “good” strangers.  There are some adults who are good strangers. You kids do not need to be afraid of firefighters and police officers who are sent to help them.  Stress that people in uniform are often “good” strangers. 

·         If someone approaches you, walk away immediately. Tell your kids that they must walk away from adults who try to talk to them who they do not know. Rule #1 should always be to “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS.”

·         Don’t accept food or candy from people you don’t know. Similarly, accepting food, candy or gifts from strangers can also be very dangerous.  Tell your kids to never accept these things from people they do not know. 

·         If something seems out of the ordinary, find an adult that you know. You want to make sure that your child knows what to do if he or she is threatened.  Find an adult that you know if you are in danger. 

·        Make sure you child knows his or her name, address, and phone number. Kids of all ages should know this crucial information. It can help in case of kidnapping or other stranger danger situations. 

·         Never walk the streets alone. Stress the importance of the buddy system.  Advise your kids to never walk the streets alone.  Two kids are harder to lure for strangers than one. 

·         Tell your parents where you are going. Require that your kids inform you on where they are going. Have them call when they arrive. Keeping tabs on them can help you become alert if and when there is a problem. 

·         Never approach a strange car.  This one speaks for itself but it must be ingrained in your child’s mind. 

·         Don’t open the door to someone you don’t know. If your child stays home alone, he or she should be instructed to never open the door. 

·        In stores, it’s important to stay as close to mom as possible. Abductions often happen in malls and stores.  Explain the importance of sticking together while in the store. 

·       Scream if you feel you are in danger! If your child feels imminent danger, a scare tactic must be in place.  Tell your child to scream as loud as possible if he feels he is in immediate danger. 

·        Remember license plate numbers of people you feel threatened by. Getting as much information as possible will be crucial during those dangerous situations.  Coach your child how to get as much information as he or she can to help catch the person. 

·        Call your parents if you feel unsafe.  Allow you kids to carry cell phones to make him feel safer. You will be a phone call away if a problem with strangers arises or if he feels unsafe.  Cell phones have saved the lives of many children and now make it more difficult to strangers to get away with crimes.

Above are 15 things that you should teach your kids about stranger danger that can help save their lives.  Be sure that your children know how handle situations that may arise.  Whether it’s not talking to strangers or calling you when they feel threatened, knowing what to do will make all the difference in the outcome. 

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