Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Throwing a Super Bowl Party Everyone Will Enjoy

It's almost time for the biggest football event of the year. Are you ready? Whether you're inviting a couple close friends over or your living room will be packed full with your extended family, you'll want to be all set come game day. Here are some ideas to help you prep for your party.


The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating. String up streamers in your favorite team's colors, tack up team pennants, or let your fan flag fly and paint your face while donning a favorite player's jersey. The time is right to shop for football- or helmet-shaped bowls for serving snacks, as well as napkins, plasticware, or balloons in themed colors. Keep in mind that decorating is fun but all eyes will be on the TV screen. You don't need to channel Martha Stewart just to make your guests happy.


Party favorites like chips or nachos, veggies and dip, chili (good for warming up on a cold winter day!), chicken wings, deviled eggs, guacamole, seven-layer dip, or football-shaped cookies are all great foods to serve. Invite guests to pitch in with their favorite food item and send them home with leftovers (especially helpful if you've resolved to watch your waistline this year). Use burner covers to turn gas ranges into easy-to-clean tabletops, which are great for guests who are lingering in the kitchen near the snacks.


Although beer and football go hand in hand (at least according to commercials), not everyone likes beer. Be prepared for guests of all ages, and provide a selection of soft drinks or a punch that everyone can enjoy. For those who like a cocktail, try a Harvest Highball. Let guests know what beverages you'll have on hand and invite them to bring along their drink of choice. You might also want to have a bottle of sparkling grape juice or champagne on hand to toast the winners or console the defeated.


Your guests will obviously be at your house to watch the game, but keep in mind that not everyone likes football. You might have little kids (or adults!) who can't or won't sit still for the entirety of the festivities. Set up a card table where people can play a hand of cards, a board game, or work on art projects. Stick with a sports theme and make Super-Bowl-themed crafts. You'll probably want to aim for something simple to do as the background will likely be filled with folks yelling at the television in excitement or frustration.

You don't have to break the bank or overstress just to host a Super Bowl party. Just plan ahead, make sure the television is working, and everyone should be happy, well-fed, and entertained for the duration of the game.

Holly is a wife and stay-at-home mother who blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses and trusts. She relies on gas ranges to keep her famous three-alarm chili piping hot while she and her family watch football on the weekend.

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