Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strengthening the What?!?! Kegel Muscle Strengthening Exercises

I'm going to give you three guesses to figure out exactly what this is used for:

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Have you figured it out yet?

It's a Kegel Exerciser.

Say what?

You know...a piece of "exercising equipment" with the main objective of strengthening the Kegel (pelvic floor) muscles.
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Surprise Review Product

When I was offered the opportunity to work with Intimina, I had no idea what to really expect for a product. While looking into the company, I first noticed that they had a very pretty website, all pink and white. Upon further delving, I realized that they also have a ton of great wellness content on their site for us women, focusing on healthy bodies and healthy minds.

The product, the Laselle Kegel Exerciser, however was pretty intimidating to me. Just the idea of "wearing" it while running around with the kids or doing chores, for example, was something I wasn't sure that I could do. (Get this: that pink ball has a weighted ball inside that moves around and, supposedly "vibrates" while you're walking...or dancing...or whatever.) With that said, however, who doesn't want tighter, stronger Kegel muscles? Especially after having children!
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I'm going to let you figure out the whole how-you-use-it routine for yourself.  Just go to the product page link above.

Theoretically, I can say that Intimina should work for you. Just think about it: muscles that are being squeezed against resistance will eventually build up. If you squeeze a ball in your hand all day long, every day, your finger and wrist strength will increase and even your arm muscles will be tighter than the other hand and arm. So, the concept is basically iron-clad.
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More benefits that Intimina reminds us about exercising our Kegel muscles?

  • Prevent and treat continence problems
  • Build muscles used in childbirth for easier delivery
  • Help speed recovery after labor
  • Increase sensation during intimate activities for both you and your partner
  • Ease the symptoms of menopause

See the little white pouch in the picture? That's an adorable added plus for discretion. Products are available at CVS.

This is a sponsored post. Still, as you can see, I have stated my own opinions.

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