Monday, January 16, 2012

"Review Bloggers: Get Flooded with Review & Giveaway Sponsor Products"

Have you been ogling and stalking other people's blogs, wishing you could be the one reviewing the coolest, newest products, being invited to events, and being offered services to review?

Have you been blogging forever, wondering if companies will ever notice you? Are you a stay-at-home "mommy blogger" who has lost her connection to the "working world"?

But, wait! There's more!

Alternatively, if you're a "mom-preneur", a company - or even an individual - trying to kick off your new product, book, service or event, there's information in my book for you, too!

Why work with bloggers? How can bloggers promote your ideas? Which ones should you work with?

Although it's written for the blogger who wants to enter into the exciting niche of blogger marketing, it will also show you tips about working with bloggers, including Alexa scores, Pagerank and other statistics you should be asking for!

Just released in Kindle stores, straight from the QueenMom herself:

"Review Bloggers: Get Flooded with Review & Giveaway Sponsor Products" reveals step-by-step, tried and true instructions that have helped so many other bloggers.

Miss Shauna at The Adventures of My Family of 8, just one blogger who took my advice and ran with it, has made me proud! And, after email-after-email from bloggers who wanted to know how to "get into" reviews and giveaways, I've decided it's time to go ahead and create a book that will walk any blogger through the right way to contact companies - and the right things to say.

I've included all of the terms and data you'll need to be familiar with to be successful with reviews and giveaways...the rest is up to you!

If you want your inbox flooded with emails from companies, this is the book for you!

"Mom-Preneurs", Companies, Individuals, and PR firms who are promoting products:

The information in this book is also priceless for you and your business. Alexa and Google ranks are demystified and you'll find out why other companies are working with bloggers...and why you should, too!

You'll realize why other companies are working with bloggers and how bloggers have a huge influence over consumers on the Internet. You can also pick up some strategies, based on statistics, to figure out which markets and which blogs you want to target.

Bloggers & Companies = The New Way of Marketing

Blogger Reviews: It's the new way of marketing and if we all do it right, it will probably be around for a long time!

The Cover

I want to brag about the cover a little bit here, too. I had a brainstorm over the phone...described my vision for the cover to Rik Feeney, a writing, editing, publishing, book cover-designing jack-of-all trades who is constantly coming up with brilliant ideas, and that night, he sent me the cover in my email, my brainstorm brought to life!

If you're looking for someone to listen to your ideas about your book cover and then bring them to life, right before your eyes, he's got a knack for it - and he'll get it done fast!

Edited by Chitraparna Sinha from, Linda Rogacki from and Rik Feeney, published author of Writing Books for Fun, Fame and Fortune! and member of the Florida Writers Association. 

"Review Bloggers: Get Flooded with Review & Giveaway Sponsor Products"

Grab it on Kindle now for only $7.99!

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