Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest Resolutions Round-Up

This year, among the typical resolutions of losing weight and saving money, I vowed to read more. As each year grows busier, it feels like I’m tempted more and more to abandon my must-reads for quickie television time and gossip mag catch-ups. But this year, I just want to get lost in a good book. Or twenty. My first literary venture? The popular Hunger Games series.

2012 is already busy, especially with a new year and new goals (and a million other things to do), but with a little help from the idea explosion that is Pinterest, all of us can and will achieve our New Year’s Resolutions. How, you say?
If you’re looking to exercise more and expand your health knowledge, Pinterest’s Fitness section has everything from motivational quotes to low fat recipes to workouts for every fitness level. Say bye bye to belly fat and hello to a summer svelte body!

Looking for tips on how to save money this year—and avoid the urges for retail therapy? First, check out this pin featuring 30 free ebooks about personal finance, and then mosey on over to Pinterest’s Food and Drink board, where you’ll find delicious recipes that’ll make you want to cook up a frenzy (and eat out less!). This DIY & Crafts board will keep you resourceful, too. 

For those of you wanting to revamp your closets and beauty regimens this year, sneak a peek at the gorgeous Women’s Apparel section, and get lost for hours in clothing confections so yummy, you’ll want to wear every last one of them. For new ways to style your hair (for hectic days or nights out with the hubby), check out these Hair & Beauty inspirations.

And if you’re reading resolution is anything like mine, Pinterest also has a lovely section devoted to Reading and Books: you’ll find cute quotes, ways to display your literary collection, and even how to make a reading nook for the kiddos. I also love how you can find reading glasses tips and reading lists galore!

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, request an invite, follow my boards (of course!) and start pinning your inspirations. The bevy of ideas that can be found on the resource are invaluable, and you’ll be that much closer to completing those New Year’s Resolutions. How easy was that? 

Author Bio: Molly Borter works as a content writer in Indianapolis, IN. When she’s not blogging about how to care for bifocals, she loves bargain shopping, spending time with family, and trying new restaurants.

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