Monday, January 9, 2012

A Healthy Mediterranean Valentine's Day Recipe

Frozen grapes are a healthy Valentine's Day recipe your lover will "love". These are extremely easy to make, healthy and fun for the entire family. Making this tasty dessert is an ideal way to spend time with loved ones during the holiday. This is an easy recipe, and your lover will love to help in the kitchen. Grapes are a healthy fruit, and freezing these maintains all the nutrients that are found in the raw product.

This dessert is easy to prepare, and the prep time is minimal. The dish can easily be prepared in about five minutes, and there are only a few steps that need to be taken. The first step is to ensure the grapes are thoroughly clean. Many growers use a variety of pesticides and other chemicals on their fruits, and washing can remove these products. Cold water can be used to wash the grapes, and they can be dried with a paper towel.

A baking sheet makes an ideal dish to use for freezing the grapes. This sheet should be lined with a paper towel, and the grapes can be placed on the paper towel. This will help to absorb any water that is left on the grapes and will enable them to freeze better. The grapes can then be placed in the freezer for several hours or until firm. This dessert tastes much better, and the grapes have a texture like sorbet, when they're frozen solid.

One grape has about three or four calories, and this makes them great for people concerned about their diets. One serving of grapes has only about 100 calories, and this usually consists of a cup of the fruit. There are also many vital nutrients that are found in grapes, and they have a variety of anti-cancer properties. They contain phytochemicals as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are important anti-oxidants that fight free radicals.

Frozen grapes make a delicious treat, and this project is a fun way to include your lover in Valentine's day festivities. This dish is easy to prepare and can be made in as little as five minutes. Frozen grapes still have the flavor that everyone loves, but they take on the luxurious texture of the lightest sorbet. For people on a diet, grapes are the perfect food. A single grape has, at most, four calories. They also have many nutrients that are essential for fighting free radicals.

E. F. is the author of the Mediterranean book healthy eating blog to help people learn how to follow the Mediterranean diet meal plan to become more healthy and lose weight. 

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