Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breathe Easy – How to Eliminate Dust Mite Allergens in 3 Simple Steps

Every grandparent can attest to the many joys that come with spending time with our grandchildren. For me those joys began just over a year ago with the birth of my first granddaughter.  But as my granddaughter grew older we began to realize that her trips to grandmother’s house were causing some pretty miserable allergy symptoms.

I knew that we needed to do something different if I wanted my granddaughter’s visits to remain pleasant and frequent. After all we couldn’t have her suffering from allergies every time she fancied a visit to grandma’s house!
And so I devised a three step plan to reduce my granddaughter’s allergy symptoms.
·        Selecting the Right Tools
Step one was to narrow down what we believed to be the cause of her allergy symptoms.  In my house we had two culprits, animal dander and the house dust mite!  Lucky for me reducing the allergen count for these two allergies was practical.
Next I did my homework and purchased a miele cat and dog vacuum to keep the animal dander under control.  This vacuum is designed with a self-seal bag that traps even the smallest of particles by sealing shut before they have a chance to escape.
Then I selected a high quality air purifier that eliminated both animal dander and dust. I chose a reputable Living Air Purifier because there were no messy filters to handle and they effectively cleaned particles from the air using positive and negative ions.
Finally I researched the best options for dusting my home without throwing loose allergens back into the air we were breathing. I located a microfiber cloth that was both affordable and effective and sold in a variety of stores.
·        Developing a Strategy
Researching and selecting tools to reduce allergens was only the beginning. Now that I knew what I wanted and had purchased the equipment it was time to set up my home and write up a strategy to destroy current allergens and prevent future build-ups.
Since my granddaughter spends most of the time she is visiting between the living room, dining room and kitchen I set up my air purifier in a central location of those three rooms. This allows me to ensure the biggest impact on allergen reduction is occurring in the same rooms she will nap, eat and play.
Dusting and vacuuming became a daily chore at my house, even when my granddaughter wasn’t coming to visit. Removing animal dander completely can take up to six months of thorough cleaning so it wouldn’t do much good to only vacuum the day she plans to stop by!
·        Sticking to It
I’ll be the first to tell you that keeping ahead of allergens is draining and frankly not a lot of fun. I had to come up with a plan that would keep me motivated on those long gaps between visits.  Surprisingly that wasn’t such a hard task to do. All I had to do to get myself motivated was close my eyes and picture my granddaughter running around the rooms and laughing as grandma came chasing from behind.
Visiting grandma’s house is supposed to be a joyous time that everyone gets excited about. But watching your grandchild develop allergy symptoms every time they came through the front door is a joy blocker every time. But in my house I followed three simple steps and now my granddaughter remains symptom free during her entire stay.
About the Author:
Mikki Hogan is a proud wife and mother living with her family in North Carolina. For years she asked doctors just exactly what is a dust allergy but always felt just short of understanding. When she discovered her granddaughter was allergic to the dust mite it became her goal to fully understand the allergy and how to eliminate it! Now she shares her knowledge with other parents and grandparents across the globe.

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