Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 iPhone Apps to Balance Your Busy Life

Moms are hardworking individuals. They have the most difficult job of all in caring for their children and families, even if they have employment outside of the home. They are usually the glue holding everything together in their homes. But you are more than just glue; you have a lifestyle of your own. With all this in mind, there are tons of great iPhone apps that can balance a mom's life. These are definitely worth looking into downloading for any busy mom.


1) Parenting Ages & Stages

Parenting Ages & Stages is a great free app new moms who may have questions about their children. It is a highly informative magazine that you can use right at your fingertips on your iPhone that discusses various situations you should expect to deal with as a parent. It can be customized by a mom so that she can add details of her own child or children and gives advice and tips based on age and development.

2) Baby Activity Logger

Baby Activity Logger is an essential app for any new mom who wants to efficiently keep track of caring for her new baby. You can create schedules on the app as to when you should feed, whether you are breast- or bottle-feeding, when to burp and change the baby, schedule naps and track how much time passes between one activity and the next. It is a fantastic app to use when you are sleep deprived and need a quick reminder of what needs to be done for your baby. The app costs $4.99.

3) Mom’s Daily Planner

Mom’s Daily Planner is a nifty app that busy mothers can download for $2.99. It is great for getting and staying organized for your daily activities. You can track important appointments related to your kids and other activities that can be set up on an integrated calendar, create grocery lists for your shopping trips and create reminders of other things you have to do.

4) Family Meals

Family Meals is a great free app that moms will find handy because it includes helpful information about great foods you can prepare and serve to your family. It includes grocery lists as well, which can help you to more efficiently get your shopping done when you go to the supermarket. There are also fine tips on great and delicious meals that your family will love.

5) Allergy-Free For Me Cookbook

Allergy-Free For Me Cookbook is an essential app for any moms who have kids with allergies. It costs $1.99 and gives you wonderful options of recipes for meals that do not contain any of the top eight food allergens, including eggs, peanuts, shellfish and others. There are even a number of great vegetarian and vegan recipes available within the app.

6) Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is a great free app that moms will no doubt find very useful. While shopping, you can check coupons for a store of your choice in your area and use them simply by having the cashier scan them directly from your iPhone! It can help you save both money and paper.

7) WebMD Mobile

The WebMD Mobile app is free and is a good tool for any mom who is worried about your child’s symptoms when they get sick. You can look them up in the Symptom Checker feature of the app and check for remedies on how to make your child feel better, whether with medication, vitamins or a natural method.

8) Kids Play Parks

Kids Play Parks is a nifty app that gives you a full directory of parks, playgrounds, zoos and other great recreational facilities that are ideal for kids and families. It tracks your immediate location and finds you the best of these fun places for $1.99.

9) Moms on the Run

Moms on the Run is a free app that is great for any mom who wants to take up running as a training program. It is a great way for new moms to drop their baby weight and get back into great shape. You can track your weight as well as your runs, which is a great way to see your progress.

10) Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the app that is one of the most popular games at the App Store. It is 99 cents and is great for busy moms who just want to have fun at the end of a long, busy day or when they have a break. Those looking to use simple games and smiles to connect with their kid of any age will find this app a success. Escaping the stress of everyday life is no small matter for a mom and can be especially rewarding when the escape is a fun time with a son or daughter.

These apps range from efficient to time-spending and organized to just plain fun, but they all have you and your busy day in mind. More importantly, these apps can be part of your lifestyle and help you connect with the people you love.

Author Bio: Sandy M. is a blogger and technology enthusiast who loves to simplify what matters most in the information age. She stays busy with her two young sons and keeping up on the latest gadgets. She has also written car insurance tips that gives people help on their car insurance comparison.

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