Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wishing for a Jacuzzi Tub Right About Now

The last house we rented had one of those Kohler jacuzzi tubs that easily fit two adults or a whole bunch of boys. LOL There were some serious pool parties in the bathroom! In our new place, the bathroom, I hate to say it, is old and does not have a jacuzzi tub. It's a real bummer if you are used to one.

Why Jacuzzi Tubs Are Cool

Forget about cool. They're super cool, but they are also good for warming up the cold bones during the winter. And, those days when your lower back is aching or your feet hurt, hop in the tub. Switch on those jets and you'll be feeling at least 50% better - and that's a huge relief. I had mine lined with my favorite bath and body stuff that I think everyone enjoyed. A bad day can end up with a nice, relaxing, spa-like half hour (if I was lucky), away from the kids and the rest of the world, submerged in a good book.

What do I do now? Surely, the holidays around my house are not the optimum time for bathroom remodeling. We're already sinking everything we've got into bills and Christmas presents. To be quite honest, I miss the old jacuzzi tub and think about it almost daily now. Maybe that will have to go on my Christmas list for next year!

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