Friday, December 16, 2011

That Holiday Feeling in Your Heart

I love the magic of the holidays - you know, that feeling that you get deep down in your heart when:

  • You hear that Christmas song that brings back memories of holidays past or stirs up chiming choruses of "Jingle Bells" and "Silent Night" around the house. 
  • Or you see the joy and wonder in your children's eyes when they see the lights on the Christmas tree and around the neighborhood for the first time - or the tenth time in their life (this year, I have seen the sparkle in my 12, 11, 9, 7, 4, and 2-year old's - and even my 3 month old's - eyes). 
  • You feel that irreplaceable excitement that takes over the house when the aroma from the fresh-baked cookies that just came out of the oven in the kitchen wafts its way through, calling out to anyone who is within nose shot. 
  • You remember to call people who you haven't talked to in weeks, months or years...gee, time sure flies by. Or, send that special message on Facebook or that email with season's greetings.
  • People remember to smile at each other on the street and in the stores and wish a "Happy Holidays", just for the good feeling it brings.
  • The jingling of bells and jolly "HoHoHo's" are normal sounds to hear, no matter where you are.
  • Commercials and movies on television get a lot sappier and make you wonder if you should keep a box of tissues near the couch. 
  • You suddenly experience an appreciation for the early sunsets because it means that all of the Christmas lights can be turned on. 
  • People seem just a tad bit cheerier or find that little hop in their step, for no apparent reason. 

It May Not Be So For Everyone...

It's also the time of year when people may feel a little more depressed, down and sometimes even achy. They don't have the money that they wish they could spend on all of the fantastic people in their lives, including their children. And, even if they DO have the money, Christmas spending puts a true hurting on the pocket. Lots of people are missing lost loved ones and wish they could come home for the holidays...and it hits them hard that holidays will never be the same again. We can all probably think of a plethora of reasons to allow the holidays to affect us negatively.

You Can Make a Difference

But, somehow, some way, regardless of the woes, the magic of the holidays still has its way of sneaking up on us. Hopefully, each and every one of you will find a way to enjoy at least some of the magic that Christmas brings along with it. Take a moment each day to think about how you can positively affect someone else. Drop off some fresh, home baked cookies to someone who may have lost a loved one. Drop off your last year's gloves to a donation center who caters to the homeless. Make a meal for a family who is financially struggling this year. You'd be surprised at how wonderful it can make you feel.

People are homeless. There are thousands of people who are not homeless open up kitchen cabinets to find next to nothing, on a daily basis. People have lost loved ones to illness or shootings or other tragedies. People are fighting illness and death. Let's spread the cheer this year. Let's share that holiday feeling in our hearts.

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