Saturday, December 3, 2011

Registered Nurse Career Lands High on the Family Friendly Career List

Registered Nurse was listed as the second most family-friendly career by Rachel Zupek, a writer. The flexible schedules and the generous weekends and holidays seemed to be conducive to a mother's busy life. The average annual salary of $62,450 (documented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in May of 2008) makes becoming an RN an even better prospect.

The Uniform

Regardless of the pay that they receive, most moms are still trying to find the best bang for their buck, in every aspect of life. Including finding economically priced scrubs for women, if they are nurses...or even if they work in the veterinary industry. Yes, as a nurse, you will need to work a uniform expense account into the household budget.

I know that, way back, when I managed the veterinary hospital, the mandatory uniform for the receptionists, technicians and kennel assistants was scrubs. The ladies were able to choose from the expansive assortment of designer scrubs, or personalize their work wardrobe with scrubs that had cartoon figures or hearts and stars on them. I have no idea where they purchased their adorable scrubs, but I can assure you that they paid big $ for them.

For one-colored scrubs, though, has a cute assortment, including an eggplant color, a French lilac, a peacock and a pink sorbet, to name a few. Their one-pocket front is uniquely designed - I like how it almost blends in with the scrub top.

The Future Outlook for Nurses

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, RN's can expect excellent opportunities in the future, with a faster than average growth in jobs of about 22% by the year 2018. RN's in physician's offices can expect a much higher growth, at 48%, while public and private hospital RN's will see a slower growth of around 17%.

These statistics are extremely promising to working mothers - caretakers by nature - who have worked so hard to earn their RN credentials. I tend to agree with Ms. Rachel Zupek, that a Registered Nurse Career should be high on the Family-Friendly Career list.

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