Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Start the New Year Perfectly with your Family

The New Year is fast approaching and people everywhere are coming up with ideas as to how to get it started off on the right footing. Organizing a robust plan for the year ahead can seem quite daunting but it needn’t be so long as you have a clear idea of the goals you want to accomplish with your family. In fact coming up with New Year resolutions is a great way to talk with your family and have fun sharing each other’s ideas and formulating an overall goal for the year ahead. As such please feel free to consider the following tips that I have compiled to help focus minds in my family and ensure a successful start in 2012.

How to start the New Year successfully

To start successfully you need to remind everybody in your family to let go of all past problems and pains. You can't continue with life if you're always dwelling on past mistakes and failures, so remind everybody from your spouse to your children that you all need to let them go and concentrate on the potential of new opportunities. Get everybody’s minds set and focused and you’ll be starting things off on the right foot.

Focus on an agreed goal

A great way to ensure everyone is pulling together is to plan ahead for a future fun trip. Try to come up with a nice place that you know your children have been dying to visit. For some children, it could be a trip to Disneyland while some may want to see another country. Whatever the choice get everyone involved with researching the alternatives and ensure everybody starts saving a bit of money for the trip.
If a trip is beyond your means try to at least reserve some time in the New Year to do something structured together even if it's just agreeing to a fixed weekly Saturday night of bowling or Sunday night ice skating. Having a shared focus and dedicated family activity is a great way keep your family together as you plan for 2012.

Remember to incorporate several resolutions

By simply encouraging everybody in your family to create a few resolutions, it could make your entire family home life more harmonious. Imagine what it would be like if each of your teens or young kids decided to make it a resolution not to fight with their siblings; wouldn't that just be amazing? Whereas you and your partner might want to agree to increase the number of date nights per month to spend together whilst also committing to spend more time at the weekends focused on your kids hobbies. By doing this everybody in the family has something at stake and will work hard to keep up their end of the bargain.

Creating resolutions are also nice because they are a great barometer and can help you to actually continue on with something you’ve planned. Some people even commit to finally finding a way to make money from the comfort of their own home. If you're in need of cash, why not make this your resolution; it's the perfect time to start making that extra bit of income.

When the New Year strikes, it's always a wonderful feeling to know that your past is gone and you're able to start off afresh. So why not consider some of the above tips and see if there is something in there for you and your circumstances? After all you want to have something to look forward to so why not start planning today?

Grace Pamer is the author of, one woman’s quest to keep romance alive in a long term relationship after the birth of three beautiful kids no matter what the odds. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter for Romance Tips and advice any time you need.

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