Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas: La-di-da

The perfect gift is usually something that people can use - a lot! So, some of the best gifts my children have received have honestly not been the toys and games, but the clothing. One of my recent jaunts across the Internet led me to an adorable online store called La-di-da, which presents us with some super cute designer children's clothing for holiday gifting!

A lot of that little girl stuff made me want to have another girl, because, as of today, my "little girl" (and second oldest) is 11 years old, and no longer wears the adorable clothing - she's into the more trendier stuff now. :( But, after having seven children, I highly doubt we will be trying for another girl. We tried five times after we had our daughter and were blessed with 5 more boys (my oldest is a boy, too). Well, you can't say we didn't try!

And, one of the things that I love to see is super-cute little boy stuff. Although quite a bit of their little boy stuff is similar to other designer kid's clothing manufacturers, I found a few simply adorable things, like a soft grey peacoat with double buttons down the front and a button up shirt and cardigan sets that aren't too preppy.

La-di-da also has a fabulously compiled list of designers on their "Designer" page. Like, 7 A. M. Enfant, with their innovative stroller blankets and Appaman, with your choice of puffy or polar coats that warmed me up just looking at them. See how nice, warm and fluffy this one is:

Now, I will mention that the prices are definitely not cheap at La-di-da, but this is where I will remind you of the old adage, "You get what you pay for..." Quality clothing equates quality pricing, I guess. :) They DO offer free shipping on orders over $199, so if you're doing some Christmas shopping, this is the perfect time to combine it all together and take advantage of the free shipping offer!

So, head on over to La-di-da's site and let me know what you think! Too cute, huh?

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