Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hickory Farms at Christmastime!

It's not too late to grab a favorite for the holidays - Hickory Farms! Whether you are looking for a last minute gift to get for a friend or something special to add to the Christmas spread in your own home, why not bring back an old favorite?

This year, we were blessed with the opportunity to review the Hearty Hickory Gift Box, which includes yummy summer sausage, two types of cheese and some mustard dip that adds that kick to the crackers, meat and cheese.

Now, the kids love to see Hickory Farms packages come to the door near the holidays because they mean yummy treats are inside, while I love to see them arrive at our home because they bring back memories from many many years ago for me. Hickory Farms has always been a part of the holidays when I was younger. There's simply nothing like a box full of gourmet crackers, cheeses, sausages and spicy mustards to bring that festive feeling of times of past to the table.

If you're running around like crazy, trying to find that perfect gift for a friend or family member, try a gift box from Hickory Farms. You never know, you may stir up some sweet, nostalgic memories for the person who you bestow it upon.

Happy Holidays!

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