Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! Bring it on, 2012!

It's New Year's Eve! Time to kiss goodbye 2011, with the economy still in a bundle, and look forward to 2012, in hopes of gradually coming out of the economic crunch and heading to an even more prosperous year.

So, raise your glass!

Exciting plans are in store here at Mommy Rantings for 2012! Behind the scene relations with a wide variety of organizations, companies and individuals has brought to light new concepts, theories and products to discuss and so much more information to relay to you! 

2011 has been a very blessed and eventful year, and I can proudly say that the site statistics on the Alexa analysis for Mommy Rantings are super-promising!

With that said, on Tuesday, you will see the first story that is featured in the new This is Our Story series. We'll be accepting submissions for this series throughout the 2012 year, so if you are interested in sending us your story, just click on the Contact QueenMom tab and send me a message!

Articles from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in Florida, and other authorities and organizations, discussing child behavior, mental disabilities and a wealth of information for you will be featured on Thursdays in 2012.  We're hoping to spread awareness about a plethora of different subjects that will help both parents and children find information and resources to assist through their journey in life.

Other days of the week, you can look forward to a mixture of articles from the circle of guest bloggers and authors that have surrounded Mommy Rantings, and of course, from the QueenMom herself. Stay tuned for new and exciting upcoming features, stories and information throughout this new year!

Thank you so much for a very wonderful year in 2011! And, here's to a prosperous, economy-enhancing, and blessed 2012 for everyone!

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