Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting the House Organized for Christmas

There is always a sense of...relief...when "everything is in its place" around the house. I function so much better in a clean, organized environment and the children have even mentioned that they like it more when everything is tidy and smells fantastic. However, after moving into a new house and, now with the holidays quickly approaching, it was time to put things in fast gear around here. 

Even though it has been four months since we moved in, this past week has been full of organizing, reorganzing, finding new "homes" for places, finalizing the packing away of summer wardrobes and the putting away of winter clothes, jackets, boots, etc, putting bed frames together (yes, we still had two left), and even hanging up some of the last few blinds and window curtains that have been sitting around, waiting for their turn. Because, of course, it's time to get out all of the Christmas decorations and find a place for them, too. The tree is up and decorated...

You Never Know Who May Come By During the Holidays

I keep telling the children that you never know who may stop by during the holidays, so it's important to stay on top of the chores and remember to keep everything in its place. If things seem to be out of place, it only takes seconds to pick them up off the floor and put them where they belong. It's a constant battle that I usually feel like I'm fighting all by myself, but I'm working on recruiting some help...hopefully, one day, the children will step in and help out without being asked.

For those of you who keep a perfectly clean and organized house: I'm envious! For those who sympathize with my complaint of feeling alone in the struggle with the ongoing mess, just remind your children that it's the holidays and Queen Mom says that "You never know who might come by around the holidays."

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