Thursday, December 8, 2011

Five Sunglass Styles for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

Unique folks require unique gifts, and frankly, those are hard to think of by yourself!  I always go for the unexpected and pick a gift that's practical and a little outside of the box. This year, sunglasses are my go-to, because they can be tailored perfectly for the toughies on your list (these work great as stocking stuffers, too!).  From the person whose nose is always in a book, to the one who can barely stop themselves from gabbing about all of the tabloid gossip, there's a sunglass style for them.

. Reading Sunglasses
To avoid the embarrassment of revealing your taste in literature, give the bookworm in your life a sleek pair of reading sunglasses!  Equipped with a bifocal at the bottom of the lenses or with the full lens magnified, sunglass readers are a life-saver on those sunny days when you just want to enjoy a good book outside.

. Sport Sunglasses
While you may be unable to give the gift of the actual outdoors, you can supply one of the most necessary tools: polarized sports sunglasses.  A wrap-around style holds snugly to the face during barrel rolls, and the polarization blocks the sun's reflection off surfaces such as water, the windshield on the opponent's ATV, or the slight sheen of an elk's coat.

. Retro Sunglasses
When it comes to trends, there are always the few who seem to be right at the forefront, complemented by items most of us wouldn't have thought to try, but that they make look enviably cool.  For the trendsetter in your life, wow them with your retro intuition and provide their newest obsession: retro sunglasses in a sassy cat eye shape.

. Aviator Sunglasses
Timeless and flattering on all face types, aviators have been a staple sunglass style since their birth in the 1930s.  Help the no-nonsense traveler in your life look the part with some classic aviators.  Plus, it's likely your gift will show up in his vacation photos!

. Oversized Sunglasses
Whether hiding from the paparazzi or ever-thankful for their enabling of our celebrity obsession, we all know the value of a classic pair of oversized sunglasses.  Necessary at any time and appropriate all the time, oversized shades are a shield from the world and a highly-covetable accessory any pop culture queen would love.

Happy gift giving!

Author Bio
: When Terryl's not obsessively curating her sunglasses collection, she can usually be found having nineties dress-up nights (usually Fridays) in her bathroom, and trying to take pictures of her kitten, Alt, in cat eye sunglasses for viral Tumblr content.  Current obsessions: Alice Glass, aviator sunglasses (for the collection, obviously), and Disastro Ecologico.

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