Thursday, December 1, 2011

Women Who Can't Have Children and the Women (Angels) Who Help Them

It's such a blessing to have seven children - truly a blessing! And, yes, there are times when I remember wondering whether or not I could have children. Because I was told, more than once, by more than one doctor, that children were not in my future, or it was at least highly unlikely. So, looking back, I would say I had the last laugh...

However, there are so many women who don't get that last laugh. Or that smile that comes across every mom's face when they meet their little bundle of joy for the first time. Not every woman who wishes to become pregnant and have a child gets the chance to fulfill their wishes.

"Custom Making" Your Child

In some of those cases, however, the solution is a donor egg bank, right? These places can make the woman's dream come true with the help of fabulous and thoughtful egg donors who are screened heavily before they are allowed to physically donate the gift of life to the people who long for it. Probably the coolest part of that is how you can "custom make" your child, so to speak, by choosing a donor with specific characteristics, like height, weight, hair color, eye color, blood type, education, ethnicity, and quite often, a photograph that is usually only disclosed to serious patients.

Success and Miscarriage Rates

Although there are several different factors (like the age of the eggs or the health of the recipient) that can affect the outcome - or success rate - of using donor eggs, the American Pregnancy Association states that 48% of these procedures result in a pregnancy. (The likelihood of miscarriage after conception, however, is 15-20%, so patients should be prepared to devote their time - and possibly even resources - to several extra prenatal appointments for close monitoring of the pregnancy and the health of the mom.)

Before the statistics or the success and failure rates, there is a very special person, though. An angel, really, who evaluates their lives and then comes to the conclusion that they want to make a difference in this world. This angel realizes that there are people who are grieving the loss of miscarried babies...and women who simply cannot produce a child without the help of someone else, so they become a donor. Which, in turn, creates a miracle. God bless those angels.

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