Saturday, December 10, 2011

Educational Toys For Kids

It's the season for running around to different stores, trying to find the coolest gifts for your kids, right? Do you ever really consider the educational value of toys anymore? Or, are we simply running ourselves ragged to get the coolest, most technically advanced items that our children are hounding us for? It makes me wonder if technology is really making my children smarter...or if it's slowing their developmental progress down.

I prefer educational toys for kids for my very own children. You know, items that are specifically manufactured to help children develop and hone their skills and abilities, aimed at specific age groups. And, honestly, although some of those toys require stock investments in battery companies, there are many that won't require batteries at all. Those are definitely the ones that I love!

Imaginative play, inspired by educational toys, is extremely important for the development of our children. The toys, like little people to play with or animal sets, Legos, baking or tea cup sets, dolls...they all inspire this type of play and help our children grow in their pretend world. My children all love to build and create - and I love to see them doing it.

Rest assured, there will be toys that have an educational factor to them under our Christmas tree this year! Times seven. :)

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