Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Choosing Life Insurance - And Why You Need It

Between making breakfast, lunch and dinner, changing diapers, helping with homework and the endless chores that children can create around the house, the last thing we have time for as parents is considering the "what if" scenarios...let alone, putting in time to investigate the different options that are available to us.

That's why companies like Aptus Insurance provide their services, including parenting tips for people like us, who simply don't have the time to spend looking into different aspects of our finances. Yes, those of us who are simply "winging it" in life. Um, and those of us who don't have life insurance...or don't understand the impact that not having life insurance can have on our loved one's lives if something were to happen...

When To Purchase Life Insurance

I know most of the readers that come to Mommy Rantings already have children, so it was time to get life insurance...yesterday. But, for those who are expecting their first addition to their family, you should start working on getting life insurance early in the pregnancy. Don't wait too long, because pregnant women may fall into the high risk category within the last 60 days of pregnancy - due to complications that may occur during birth.

Who Should Get It?

Both parents should look into life insurance policies, whether they are the "breadwinner" of the family or not. Even a stay-at-home mom is worth income, because she absorbs the cost of child care. What if she weren't around? The husband would have to invest in child care in order to maintain his job - and who is going to pay for that? Life insurance may be the only way that life can stay "normal" for your children if you or your husband were no longer here.

How to Choose a Plan

I am not an expert on life insurance, but the companies that provide these types of policies can explain the difference between universal plans, whole life and term life. And, they will give you free quotes on the insurance that's best for you.

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