Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Children’s Holiday Party Ideas

With the “adults” chatting over wine in the living room, sometimes the kids can feel a little left out. Why not entertain them by making your holiday party kid-friendly this year? Here are some ideas to keep you kids happy and engaged this holiday season, whether they prefer parties decked out in Barbies or Mario Bros party supplies.

-  Get Crafty

Kids loved to get involved with crafts and help out, whether it’s in the kitchen or over a craft table. Ornaments or decorations can be easy to make, even for kids. Cut out Christmas trees and have the children color or decorate them over some butcher’s paper while you entertain other guests. If your kids are a little older, they can cut snowflakes out of paper, then string them together to make party decorations before your holiday bash. This will make your children feel like they’re contributing to the overall party.

Another great (but time consuming) craft for kids is building gingerbread houses. If you can get your hands on a gingerbread mold, children of all ages will have a blast decorating with gumdrops, icing, candy canes, and M&Ms.

-  Change the Menu

Brie en croute served with red wine may be a great choice for your guests, but what about the kids? Make sure to include appetizers and drinks that are kid-friendly and fun, too.  Put cranberry juice in plastic wine glasses so that the kids can drink a beverage like the adults or check out these other New Year's Eve Drinks For Kids. You can also decorate Christmas sweets for your little ones, like chocolate covered marshmallows (with red and green sprinkles), Christmas-themed cake pops, or these Tasty Rollo Turtle Treats.

-  Play Dress Up

Give all the kids reindeer hats and Rudolph noses at the start of the party. If your children like to dress up, they will love running around the house and playing in festive costumes.

This year the kids don’t have to just fall asleep on the couch or twiddle their thumbs in the kitchen. Get your children into the Christmas spirit by including them in the holiday planning.

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