Monday, November 14, 2011

Traveling Working Mothers - Is It Worth Being Away From Your Kids?

I was recently researching different types of jobs for a freelance assignment that I had for One of the many that popped up was nursing...and I was surprised to see that there is actually a career that I wasn't aware of...

Travel nursing! Yes, nurses that travel to different places to help people. Now, I have traveled a few times for my job before. As a practice manager at a veterinary clinic, I traveled to seminars for continuing education and really enjoyed it, however each time I left my children, I missed them dearly. As a matter of fact, I would see things and go places and think to myself, "Boy, I wish the kids were here with me to see this!"

But, I guess traveling nurses could take their children with them, because some assignments can be 6 months long. And, the chances of being presented with a full-time opportunity are pretty good, too, from what I gathered. Some opportunities, however are only 8 to 14 weeks...and what then? Do you take your children with you or do you leave them home with family? How exactly would this work? And, when it boils down to it, is your career worth the time away from your children?

Anyways, for RN's who are not mothers, I guess this would be a great opportunity to not only experience other places, but also get your foot in the door of establishments that you would never have had the opportunity to get into otherwise.

And, while you're traveling for work, have you considered getting life insurance from a reputable company...just in case something were to happen to you? I recommend checking out Aptus Insurance. Check out my post about that!

Here's my question of the day:

For moms who are nurses - and are regularly away from their children, working crazy hours nursing people back to health (I praise you for this), would it be worth it to travel to other places if you had to leave your children?

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