Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Summer Savings in the Winter

So, we have the tree up and it's halfway decorated. I'm still reticent to pack away the short sleeved shirts and pull out any thing with a long sleeve. Anything. Period. Instead, I just crank the heat all the way up to 80 degrees and wear short sleeved shirts all day. I can't stand the cold! Anyone who knows me knows that I can't stand the winter, either...long cold months that seem to never end are not my cup of tea - or, rather, cup of coffee. (Those who know me also know that I'm the coffee drinker.)

Fab Summer Clothing with Cheap Tags

Hey, this is the time of year to find short sleeved shirts on clearance in stores - and especially online! Like the ones that I was just checking out earlier today on the Aeropostale online clearance rack. Just wait until that summer weather is completely...and I mean, completely gone, and the prices will drop down in the single digits. When those first snowflakes fall in front of the merchandisers around the area, watch them start scurrying around the stores, marking the summer tickets down.

Fab Anytime Clothing with Cheap Tags

Believe it or not, there were some cool jeans marked from over $50 to nearly $15 in the online clearance department at Aeropostale, too. So, it's all in where you look and when you look if you're seeking deals.

Of course - and unfortunately - we all have to leave the house once in a while during the winter. Oh, how I wish I could just stay inside! However, we can't. Especially if we are the mom of the house. (And, to be quite honest, no matter how cold it gets, this mom of seven needs to get out!) So, with that said, a quick glance around, and I find out that Aeropostale has slashed the price tags on even their adorable winter stuff, too! Some of the New Arrivals can even be found online for half off!

Just thought I'd let you know! Don't you love a good deal?

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