Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Basket (Hamper) Addiction

I love baskets! They have always been part of the decor around my house - ask anyone who knows. They come in handy in two completely different ways:

1) they can add to the decor of a room and
2) they can hold whatever you want them to

For example, throw one on the kitchen counter and you automatically have a fruit basket. Put one on top of the television and you have a container to hold remotes and extra batteries. I have several baskets on my dresser that hold my jewelry, hair accessories and small bottles of perfume.

But, apparently, the U.K. does not have baskets. They have "hampers". We have hampers here in the U.S., but they are actually larger "baskets" that hold dirty clothes, right? Well, the U.K. calls our version of basket "hamper". Are you confused yet? :)

Anyways, I found this out when I went to Serenata Hampers. They have Christmas hampers, fruit hampers, food hampers...but, essentially, they are what we refer to as gift baskets.

A Pamper Dream

I love getting gift baskets! (in case you're thinking of sending a Christmas item my way!) But, my favorite part of receiving gift baskets is not always the contents inside, but the basket itself. Or, shall I say, hamper? Because, even after all of the contents are used, there's a pretty - and useful - basket (or hamper) to place wherever it is fitting in my house and enjoy for many years to come.

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