Saturday, November 26, 2011

Money-Saving Driving Habits that Can Save on Gas

Gas prices are so high that moms almost feel as if they are pouring their money into the tank. Traveling to soccer practice, dance lessons, field trips, and dental appointments can keep moms hopping, and the fuel necessary for these errands can quickly strain the family cash flow. However, you will be delighted to know that certain actions and driving habits can reduce the family’s gasoline consumption. If all drivers in the family were to practice the following tips, the money spent on fuel could be reduced by as much as 30%. This, in turn reduces harmful emissions that seriously impact the environment.

Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Few people realize just how much money can be saved with proper car maintenance and planning. Taking a few minutes of time with the following checklist could make a tank of gas go a lot farther:

• Unload any unnecessary weight from the car or truck before running errands. This means that the trunk should not become a storage vehicle for sporting equipment, golf clubs, or bikes.

• Plan your route meticulously, taking into consideration the shortest distance, the number of stop signs or red lights, traffic congestion, and detours.

• Keep the car’s mechanical components in excellent condition by frequently checking filters, spark plugs, sensors, and tire pressure.

• Remove items from the vehicle, such as luggage or bike racks, that change its aerodynamics.

As You Control the Vehicle

The driver may have as much impact on mileage as the type and condition of the automobile. Use these suggestions to raise the number of miles that you get from each tank of fuel:

• Keep all starts and stops smooth and easy.

• Stay at a constant speed, using the cruise control when on the interstate or in open traffic.

• Always keep the pace around fifty miles per hour for optimum fuel efficiency.

• Use the air conditioner only when comfort makes it imperative.

• Rather than idling for long periods of time as you wait in line, turn off the engine to conserve fuel.

• Always use overdrive your car is equipped with it, unless the terrain is particularly hilly.

• Do not ride the bumper of the car in front of you; this makes you start and stop every time the other driver does and causes the car to guzzle gasoline.

Moms can have a great impact on the family budget by finding ways to save when purchasing fuel. Carpooling, public transport, walking, and biking may be options for some family activities. It may also be useful to check the internet for the cheapest fuel prices that are closest to home. It never makes sense to drive a long distance to fill up with fuel that is cheaper by just a few pennies per gallon. Instead, do the research without driving, and use the information wisely. By saving on fuel now, the family may eventually be able to afford a more cost effective vehicle which will do some of the saving for you.

Jane Simpson writes for an auto loan calculator site and loves learning new money-saving tricks. She tries to follow the advice in this post to cut her spending and enjoys the challenge of getting more miles out of each gallon of fuel.

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