Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life Insurance for Your Parents...

I know it's a difficult topic to discuss with anyone...life and death. Even further, talking about life insurance with any loved one can certainly be an extremely touchy subject to broach. However, if we never discuss the difficult subjects, who will?

I know that I've touched on the subject of life insurance before...because I've often wondered what would happen to my children if something were to happen to me. But, thinking beyond that, what would happen to your mother or father if the other were to...let's say "not be around anymore"? Better yet, although grim, who would pay for the expenses of the burial alone?

Ah, yes...there will be the burial fees and the ceremony to pay for...and that can add up just like a wedding can. So, I know that you've heard of AARP, but you're probably not really familiar, because we haven't made it that far in life yet to really have to consider it. But, our parents have. So, maybe we should be taking a look into it. Seniors life insurance may not be something that we want to talk about...but can we afford not to?

Do you know the bills or outstanding debt that your parents will leave as their legacy? How about the mortgage payment? Okay, and maybe they don't have any debt, but they may want to leave behind something special for their children - you! - and their grandchildren - your children! - when they move onto that better place in the Heavens...

So, let me ask you...can you afford not to bring up the subject of life insurance to your parents?

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