Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Clothing for Children: The Tea Collection

OMG! Have you ever heard of the Tea Collection? Today, I discovered this little online store for children's clothing. If you're looking for some adorable, sugar-and-spice clothing for your kids for the holidays...I have found the place! And, your kids will be cuter than the other children at the Christmas table with their little Tea get-ups!

What I like the most is the wardrobe sets. Check it out! Color-coordinated, mix-and-match sets for your girl:

Or your boy:

Pajamas, sweaters, hoodies, outerwear, shoes, name it! And, everything is super-cute!

They also have a great "Read, Play, Create" section with books, games and little people dish sets to choose from. 

I didn't even put the images of the cutest outfits that they have on their site, because I wanted to leave it up to you to head on over and check them out!

I Love Deals!

You will also get 15% off a $100 order and free shipping for order over $150 all of the time, so if you were to decide that you wanted to order one of the mix-and-match, already assembled wardrobes of theirs, you can put the little code on the top right hand side of their homepage (FIESTAFUN) and get that 15% off!

Happy shopping!

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