Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Best Children's Christmas Albums

The holiday season brings with its multitude of other joys a special treat: sharing and enjoying favorite Christmas music with your children. Family traditions are born from listening sessions and singalongs with the children, and memories will be made that you'll cherish for years. Whether the music is sacred or secular, traditional or in current styles, you'll find something that will add to the festivities and make the little ones smile. To get your tradition started, here are the 5 best Christmas albums for children.

1. A Melancholy Mood for Christmas

As soon as you press play on the Vince Guaraldi Trio's A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack, you'll recognize the music. Originally recorded for a Charlie Brown Christmas TV special, Guaraldi added his own inimitable takes on originals and classics alike. There was magic in the air in the studio for these recordings, as the piano trio created a festive yet slightly melancholy mood piece. Your children will enjoy this music, especially at bedtime when tired eyes are beginning to close.

2. A Folk-Rock Classic

When John Denver appeared on a Muppets TV special in 1979, he was a popular singer in the folk-rock genre. His singing and playing on traditional tunes and the sometimes zany original collaborations with some of the best-loved Muppet characters make A Christmas Together one of the best Christmas albums for family listening sessions.

3. An Acquired Taste, But Very Tasty

Everyone loves the Chipmunks - well, almost everyone. The cartoon characters with sped-up voices became a hit in the 60s with their very own TV show, and singing was their forte. If you like it you probably love it, and kids usually think it's wonderful stuff. On The Chipmunks - Christmas with the Chipmunks, the lads apply their unique style to 20 classics of the season, and there is nothing else like it.

4. Everyone Loves Raffi Too

Raffi is of course well-known to parents and children for his upbeat and folk-flavored albums of original songs for children. He has become a spokesman for the children's welfare movement and has lent his voice to many child-related causes. On Raffi's Christmas Album he performs original songs and some more off-beat classics in his own style. This CD is sure to raise the level of holiday cheer in the listening room at Christmas.

5. Classic Caroling at its Best

On this one CD - Holiday Singalong with Mitch - you will find the best-loved and most well-known Christmas carols of all time. Performed with Mitch Miller's chorus of clear-toned and bright voices (his very own Gang, as he called them), listening to them with your children is a great way for them to learn the classics, and you'll all be singing along with the Gang in no time.

Okay, now everyone sing! One of the greatest ways to start a family tradition is to have Christmas singalongs with your children and the whole family. These albums of holiday artistry will start you off singing.

Mary Thomas is the mother of four, and loves the music of the holidays most of all. She uses this Christmas music site as a great source of lyrics for all the best Christmas songs, from hymns to children's favorites.

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