Monday, November 14, 2011

BabyBonkie: For Swaddle-Challenged Mothers

Are you swaddle-challenged?

There's a reason that nurses swaddle little newborns in the hospital. It is based on solid facts from centuries of swaddling babies and decades of studies.

I'm a firm believer that hospitals should hold little mini-seminars for moms - even the ones who have had ten kids - on how to swaddle. Seriously, after my sixth child, I still didn't have it right! So, on my seventh child, I decided to get it right...

And, in the door walks babybonkie! It's the perfect solution for swaddle-challenged moms...or is it?

I'll's a no-brainer. Now, if you bring a peanut home like the one I did, at 4 pounds and 15 ounces, you won't be able to use it right away. They recommend wrapping babies that are 7-14 pounds only for safety reasons, however I bet it will work for babies a little bigger, because they like to keep their legs all curled up. :)

Why Swaddle?

Swaddling has been proven to reduce colic, help soothe fussy babies, and much more. You know those days when your baby is crying and crying and crying...and you've tried to feed them, rock them, put them in the swing, walk them around, give them the pacifier, okay, you've tried everything! Have you tried swaddling?

It may just be the key to a happy baby. Remember, they've come from this really warm, compact, quiet place where they were squished in super snuggled and tight - to the point where you felt them stretch and feet or knees would poke out of your belly. They had no stretching room for nine months! That's what they are used to...and that's what they like, even after they're born. So, swaddle them.

The babybonkie makes it simple...tuck in the feet, tuck arms down, velcro it shut on both sides. Done. Simple as 1,2,3.

My Opinion

It came packaged in plastic to keep it nice and clean and had a very informative tag attached to it with all kinds of useful information, including Safety Warnings, which I think is great. The options for material and texture are awesome! The patterns and colors are super-duper adorable. They have choices for boys, girls and gender neutral. They even have eco-friendly babybonkies! Then, they have the bonkiebag. Hey, I need one of those, too!

And, here's where I put in my two cents. I love the idea of swaddling. I love the idea of making it so simple for swaddle-challenged moms to swaddle their babies. And, I absolutely LOVE the cuddle softness of the babybonkie! This is the one I received:

The outside is so very soft and fluffy feeling. You almost don't want to put your little one down when he's snuggled inside this want to keep rubbing your face on the babybonkie. :)

The Con

The only downside that I can tell you about is the velcro (you know I'm going to talk about my honest opinion here on Mommy Rantings!)...the velcro tabs that are used to secure the baby in are hard and large. I don't know what else to say, but you really have to take care in tucking your little one in. Other than that, though...I do very much love our babybonkie...and little Chase does, too. He's definitely a swaddle buddy...and babybonkie helps make it quick and easy to swaddle him up when he's fussy.

This is yet another item I'm going to add to my Must Have Gift List for Your Baby Shower Registry!

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