Friday, November 4, 2011

AllyZabba Blanket Review: Perfection on Both Sides!

As part of the Mommy Rantings Baby Shower, I received a sample AllyZabba mini-blanket. Forget about the fact that they are adorable and come in the cutest of cute prints, forget about the quick shipping...and forget about the fact that they are hand-made completely without imperfections...

This is the one that I chose to review, only instead of the coral color, it was what they call "kiwi", a nice soft green color, like this (sorry about the small pic, just wanted to show the color):

Yeah, forget about the pretty colors and the adorable prints...

What I loved the most was the texture of the fabrics and reasoning behind why these blankets were made with two different fabrics - the reason that they are different than all of the other baby blankets on the market - their signature difference. Right on their website, AllyZabba explains precisely why they chose to use the silk on one side of the blankies: silk feels similar to that silky smooth, juicy soft, slick, slippery inside of the womb. The other side is just as nice, with a plush, soft and fluffy makes you want to just keep rubbing it and touching it...and rubbing it against your face...

I can't tell you which side of the blanket that little man likes the best, because he just snuggles up against it, no matter which way it is put on him. As I mentioned, I only received a mini-blanket, which (I didn't measure it, but just guessing here) is about 12" by 15", so I can just imagine how dreamy a normal-sized blanket would be!

Yes, I would highly recommend an AllyZabba blanket as a special gift for a special baby! And, for those of you who know the perfect person (or baby) to buy one of these plush and silky blankies for, AllyZabba is offering Mommy Rantings readers an exclusive 15% off of their AllyZabba order. Just use the code rant15 at checkout.

I received a sample blanket for this review. No compensation was paid. All opinions are mine.

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