Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LEGO Kids Fest! (Coming to Cleveland)

How many LEGOs can make seven kids happy? Okay, we'll make it six kids, because our little Chase is not big enough to play LEGOs yet! But the rest of my kids...well, let's just say a room full of LEGOs = a day full of fun!

Introducing the LEGO KidFest! A place where kids can interact and put their hands on the displays and not get into trouble! From a LEGO Model Museum to the LEGO Club & Master Builder Academy to the LEGO Activity Area and the LEGO Challenge Zone, this festival is one that children who are aspiring architects - or simply kids like mine who love to build amazing towers! - will love to attend!

Isn't that awesome????
LEGO KidsFest is going to be in Cleveland Nov 4-6! 

This is just one stop in the entire tour that LEGO KidsFest has been on and they will make one more stop in Hartford, CT, so don't miss out! I can just imagine my children's faces when they see all of those LEGOs in one place. Surely, we have a ton of LEGOs at our house, but I don't think we can beat the massive amounts that they will have there!

Here are some of the cool things that attendees can expect to experience:

  • LEGO & DUPLO® Construction Zones
  • dozens of large-scale and miniature LEGO models and displays
  • LEGO Universe
  • LEGO Games
  • group builds Creation Nation and Mystery Murals
  • LEGO Master Builders
  • much more!

Stay tuned for a fantastic ticket giveaway next week!

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