Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ironic News Stories You Have To Read!

I'm constantly running around the web, reading, researching and socializing. The following stories are surely some examples of: Irony at it's finest that I've run across lately. Sometimes, I wonder...what are people thinking?

Betting It Wasn't Worth It: I had a few laughs when I read this article about a 21-year old who decided it would be worth $100 to lube his body and squish into a baby swing on a playground.

A Halloween Surprise: "Getting into the spirit" of any holiday doesn't mean "spreading the cheer" on an interstate.

You Are What You Wear:If you're going to go out and get drunk on Halloween, you probably shouldn't broadcast it by wearing a breathalyzer costume!

Telling on Yourself: There's nothing like stealing a car, taking a photo with the cell phone that was in the car and then posting it to the owner's Facebook page. Ahhh, yes, Georgia's finest!

Twin Deliveries: Twin new moms give birth on the same day...what are the chances?

Community Service at the Morgue: Looking like death herself...Lindsay Lohan's latest community service sentence seems to suit her.

If you happen to run across any ironic stories in the news, be sure to share them in the comment section!

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