Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zarbee's All Natural Children's Cough Syrup: The Safe and Yummy Choice For Your Children

There are two things that I look for when it comes to medicine and my children: natural ingredients and yummy taste. Zarbee's hit the spot on both counts! With the FDA recalls of children's cough and cold medicines, it's nice to know that we, as parents, have companies like Zarbee's to turn to.

I'm not the type of mom who runs to the medicine cabinet every time there is a sniffle or a cough, but when the coughing or sniffling is keeping one of the kids (and I) up all night, it's time to open the medicine cabinet doors and dig through all the different products to find the right one for the symptoms and the age.

One size fits all....

One thing is for sure: I only have to stock that cabinet with one product for coughing from now on. Rather than keeping one for the younger children and one for the older children, I can depend on Zarbee's, because you can give children 12 months and up the same bottle.

It was my 8 year old who was coughing all night - to the point of driving me crazy!

How Does It Taste?

So, I pulled out the Zarbee's that I was sent to review and gave him a teaspoon of it. His first reaction was, "Mmmm! This is good!", which is truly abnormal for any cough medicine I have given my children. He said that along with the grape flavor, he could taste a hint of honey in it, too. And, he could, because Zarbee's Children's Cough Syrup is made with a proprietary blend of dark honeys (yes, we all should know that honey soothes a sore, dry throat that is caused by coughing and that honey is a natural antioxidant).

Normally, all of my kids would force down cough syrup, with a drink waiting for them to wash out the after taste. This time, believe it or not, he wanted more COUGH SYRUP!

Vitamin and Mineral Plus!

In addition, the daily recommended value of vitamin C is more than covered in 2 teaspoons of Zarbee's and 22-42% of the daily recommended value of Zinc is covered, too, depending on the age of your child. Two major pluses over the over-the-counter choices that we've had! 

Zarbee's Nighttime Cough & Sleep Drink

And, now Zarbee's has a new offering to bring to the table for our little ones! I know that when I have a cough and a cratchy throat, I like to have a nice, warm drink like tea to soothe it.

Yes, Zarbee's was innovative enough to come up with a "natural comfort drink", made with similar ingredients (and Vitamin C and Zinc) that the cough syrup has. You can give it to your children, ages 2 and up. They also threw in a bit of melatonin to help your child calmly fall back to sleep. What's not to love?

More Pluses...

Both products are gluten, dye & preservative-free, safe & natural (drug-free) and, of course, come in yummy flavors: cheery, grape or lemon.

There's no reason to keep anything else in the cabinet for coughs!

Buy It!

You can order Zarbee's online or in participating stores. The 4 oz is about $7-8.

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