Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Newest Addition's First Bed: Kolcraft's Royal Suite

I've said my piece about co-sleeping and admitted to the world that I do it. In addition, I have talked about how I will continue to do it, however with 2 children still in my bed, I am a bit reluctant to add the newest addition to our co-sleeping nest. Many-a nights, I have had two little roley-bugs dominating my bed - and am a bit worried that they might roll onto the little guy.

So, I decided to get a Kolcraft Royal Suite bassinet for him to sleep in.

This way, he can sleep right next to my bed and I can move his bed around the house for convenience during the day.

What I Like About the Kolcraft Bassinet:

The convenience factor (ability to move it around) is my favorite part, and it has handles for carrying it around where you need to. Next, I love the basket underneath that is large enough to hold fresh blankets and other necessities. The size of a bassinet, as opposed to the crib, is one of my favorite aspects, too. Think about it: little newborns like to be in compact spaces, wrapped up really tight after coming out of the womb. I can imagine that a crib is a pretty overwhelming place to be when you're that little.

Alternatively, reviews that I have read about the Kolcraft bassinet complain that washing the fabric parts, especially the canopy top (which doesn't seem to come off of the plastic parts) is a pain. However, there are responses to the complaints that give simple instructions to wash the fabrics, so I'm assuming it's not as bad as it seems.

I figure, eventually, that the little guy will have a place in my bed...but until then, hopefully, the Kolcraft bassinet will keep him happy. :)  

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