Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Rid of the “Me First!” Monster

If you have ever given classroom lesson plans, if you have ever made cookies, or if you have ever been a mom, then you know about the “me first” monster. This monster likes to creep up on your kids while you are going on with your activities unaware. You are having a nice relaxing day spending time with your kids when all of a sudden “I want that,” and “me first,” is being shouted at the top of your children’s lungs. The “me first” monster has attacked.

It is not so much that your kids want to annoy you, but in their minds being first is very important especially when it comes to food. If you want those nice, calm days to stay nice and calm, you need to learn how to avoid and eventually eliminate this terrible monster.

There is no reverse psychology about it, all you have to do is tell your kids, “First the worst, second the same, last the best of all the game, Rah!”

Honestly, it does not take some big trick or hoax to get your kids to stop whining about being first. All you have to do is tell them that whoever says “me first” will automatically be chosen or given whatever it is they want last.

At first, your kids will still be easy prey for the “me first” monster. It will take a while for your kids to get the idea but if you keep telling them, first is the worst and last is the best, they will eventually think about the consequences before shouting that ugly phrase.

In the beginning of your monster elimination process, remember that your children will not remember. When your children start shouting “me first, me first!” try to pay close attention to the child who says it last. Whoever says it last gets to have whatever it is first. After doing this for a while your children will start to remember that saying “me first” right away means they have to be last. They obviously don’t want to be last so they will eventually stop saying the phrase altogether.

As long as you remember this phrase, “First the worst, second the same, last the best of all the game, Rah!” And you work it out with your kids by talking to them about things, then you will never have to be victim to the “me first” monster again.

Madison Hewerdine is an author who likes to write about classroom lesson plans and has a passion for singing.

Thanks for the great tip, Madison! I think we've all suffered the "Me first" monster. I also have "It wasn't me", "Didn't do it" and several other "children" I didn't know I had! Readers, what monsters do you battle and how do you deal with them?
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