Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fisher Price Cradle Swing - Ocean Wonders Aquarium Review

Last baby go-round (which was the wonderful, now two-year-old Kodi-bear), I had purchased the Fisher Price Cradle Swing - Ocean Wonders and HE.LOVED.IT!

Of course, when I decided that 6 children was enough for me, I ended up giving the swing away once he outgrew it. Regretfully.

So, I've been desperately searching for a replacement at a decent price that wouldn't knock me off my feet. And, I finally found one! But, this one was a bit different than the one Kodi-bear had enjoyed so much. THAT one cost us an arm and a leg in batteries. It seemed we were buying a new package of 4 D-sized batteries every 3 days! So, when I realized that this new one was electric - yes, it plugs in! - I was ecstatic!

Beyond the fact that it's aesthetically gorgeous, it has a number of different features that babies love!


It swings in two different ways: a cradle motion, from side to side (perfect for the newly born), or a front-to-back (or head to toe) direction (for the bigger babies). It also has 6 different speeds, from low to high, to adjust as your baby grows and gets heavier.

Sounds - Music

There are eight different songs that you can choose from, including soothing music, playful music and nature sounds for your little one's ears.

Sights - Mobile and Water Globe

To keep your infant's eyes busy and entertained, there is a motorized mobile with four different, colorful fish hanging from it and a water globe that changes colors, creating an amazing, colorful display, and has "little swimmers" inside.

Toy Tray - Motor Skills

A removable toy tray has beads that slide from side to side for when your baby starts to use their hands to develop their motor skills.


And, if that's not enough, there are safety belts and a cushiony padded seat with a soft headrest for comfort. The padding comes off easily so you can run it through the washer when necessary. The legs are detachable and it folds easily for storage or travel. This particular model, as I mentioned earlier, comes with the plug-in option that includes a 6-volt AC power adapter, but it also has a place where you can, if you elect to, put four size D batteries into it (just in case the swing is positioned where there is no plug or you want to take it outside).


There are mixed reviews on this swing - many owners have complained about the squeaking that I now remember. It will start to squeak as the baby grows bigger. I also remember that this required a quick fix - simply adjusting the legs to ensure that they are flat on the floor. Otherwise, people seem to love this swing as I do!

Buy It!

You can find the Fisher Price Cradle Swing - Ocean Wonders Aquarium at for $227.98. But, if you're not rich like me, you can start planning ahead in the beginning (or middle) of your pregnancy and start putting the word out at consignment shops or search for used swings on craigslist. I waited until last minute and almost missed out! To be quite honest, I was just about to settle for just your ordinary swing to tide me over until I could find the one that I wanted. However, I did find one on craigslist that was in brand-new condition for a really great deal just in the nick of time. (Thank you, Miss Leanne!)

So, little Mr. No-Name will be enjoying what I consider the King of Swings throughout his infanthood - and I will enjoy some peace of mind while he's swinging! Of course, there will be pics to come in the very near future!

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