Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Designer Hospital Gowns - Labor & Delivery In Style: dearjohnnies Review

It was two weeks before my due date when I received the email from dearjohnnies about working together on a review of their designer hospital gowns...but little did I know that I would be wearing it within hours of getting it in the mail!

If you read the birth story of my seventh child, you will realize that it all came as a surprise. Well, the baby didn't come as a surprise...we knew he was coming! But, his timing was a huge surprise! As I frantically packed my hospital bag a little less than two weeks before the due date, I realized that my dearjohnnies designer hospital gown had yet to arrive in the mail...I was extremely upset...and terribly worried that the representative from the company would be upset, too!

The hospital provided me with what I jokingly referred to as "my sexy off-the-shoulder gown", as only one button out of five on the top of the sleeve worked. Grrr! But, to be quite honest with you, I'm glad that I didn't have my brand new dearjohnnies hospital gown, because childbirth can get unbelievably messy - and I would hate to mess up the pretty gown!

So, did my designer hospital gown come in time?

It just so happened that my dearjohnnies hospital gown arrived in the mail on Saturday - the same day that I gave birth to our precious new addition, Chase. My husband had brought it with him when he came to be with me at the hospital for the delivery (how very thoughtful of him, huh? Not only was he gracefully handling the six children that we already have, cooking, cleaning and everything else that comes along with our household, but he remembered to bring me the package that arrived just in time!)

At first, I had no idea what it was, as it came in a nifty matching bag, in the same fabric as the gown. To my surprise, my gown HAD arrived!

So, after the delivery of our 4 lb 15 ounce, baby Chase, I was able to get out of that wretched "sexy off-the-shoulder" hospital-issued gown and slip into my new dearjohnnies, chic and stylish gown that had all of the buttons that it was supposed to have, as well as buttons down the back, which is so much better than four simple strings that tie on the hospital-issued gown.

The nurses admired the gown, asking where I got it and noting the unique design on the fabric. Some of the nurses had never seen a designer gown before...others had, but regardless, my gown by dearjohnnies caught their attention!

Here I am with newborn baby Chase, only hours after delivery. I had enough time to change into my dearjohnnie gown and move into a new room. (Excuse the lack of face in the pics...I'd prefer to keep the after-delivery "look" private)

You can see that the dearjohnnies hospital gown is a lot more  aesthetically pleasing than the hospital-issued gowns. It is also a lot more comfortable - and the buttons down the back cover the parts that you don't want everyone seeing when you are walking around after giving birth.

You can also purchase a matching robe to compliment and wear over your gown.

Labor and Delivery Like A Celeb!

J.Lo packed up four sets of dearjohnnies when she went to the hospital to deliver.

Bethenny Frankel adorned the Lucy version when she was in labor.

And, you can see even more celebrities who have enjoyed dearjohnnies while in labor here.

So, if you want to feel like a celebrity - and bring a bit of couture to the delivery room, make sure you get yourself a dearjohnnies hospital gown. Also, if you know someone who is expecting, this would be the perfect gift for the mom-to-be! What better way than to make her feel special? Give her the gift of modesty, fashion and comfort all in one!

I was sent a lovely dearjohnnies gown for this review. No compensation was received. All opinions, as usual, are my own and uninfluenced.

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