Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazing Deals on Glasses (And A Blessing)! Review and Giveaway!

Blessings never cease to amaze me when they occur!

Veronica, my 10-year-old daughter, woefully came to me with her prescription glasses - one piece in each hand. Somehow, Kodi-bear had gotten his devious little hands on them and broke the (let's see if I get this right...) "temple" in two. (I'm referring to the piece that goes from the frames to the ear - did I get it right?) Needless to say, she was devastated. And, I reluctantly added "Get Veronica new glasses" to my to-do list for the upcoming week. Ugh! Do you KNOW how much the last pair of glasses cost me?

Unfortunately, with school coming up fast, Dylan's surgery date impending and the new baby on the way, my to-do list was overwhelming and getting Veronica glasses fell to the bottom of the list. Fortunately, she only has to wear them for reading and seeing in the classroom, so they weren't necessary for everyday activities until she actually went back to school. However, school was coming up FAST!

The Blessing

Remember I mentioned a blessing? Just as the kids are gearing up to start school, Dylan's surgery is on the brink, the baby's birth is impending, and my to-do list doesn't seem to be dwindling as fast as I need it to, the opportunity to work with presents itself. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "God works in mysterious ways!"

When I received the email about reviewing the site - and the opportunity to receive a pair of glasses in exchange for the review of the site and the glasses, I was so excited! It was actually beyond that - I was ecstatic and amazed at the timing of the proposal.

The Website

One of the first things that I did when I visited the website was check out the selection of glasses. Would my daughter even like any of the choices that they offered? First of all, the organization of the website is extremely user-friendly, from start to end. There are quick-access tabs at the top of the homepage that will lead you to the type of glasses that you are looking for. So, quickly and simply, I clicked on the "Shop Eyeglasses" tab and found the "Kids Eyeglasses" category. Just with a quick glance, I knew immediately that Veronica would find something that she would love.

Because I want her to feel comfortable, classy, sophisticated and pretty when she wears her glasses, I chose to let her make the decision on her own. I told her to get on the laptop and look through the kids eyeglasses on her own. One of the coolest things about the website is how you can click on a pair of glasses to view them and then change the color of the frames and lenses with a click of a button. It's actually quite fun and we ended up spending far longer than I expected "designing" our own glasses. However, as I mentioned, I wanted Veronica to choose a pair that she would like for a long time and feel good about wearing.

After a ton of playing around, she decided that she loved the "Rabbit" style in lavender. I couldn't agree with her more. They are stylish, chic and make her feel pretty. (See pic below)

Glasses sure have come a long way since we were children! I know quite a few kids who would have loved the opportunity to choose from the selection of glasses that offers back when I was in school!


Once you have chosen the type/color glasses that you want to buy, it's time to order. Now, I am a prescription eyeglass script Loser. I have no idea what any of the numbers mean - or even how to enter the numbers correctly on an order form.  I have never ordered glasses online before, either, so this part was surely going to be difficult!

To my surprise and disbelief, 39dollarglasses has this covered! They make ordering prescription eyeglasses simple for a dum-dum like me. :) Managing a veterinary hospital several years ago taught me the O.D. and O.S. part of the prescription (right eye and left eye, respectively), but the rest was foreign. Unfortunately, the script I was provided by Veronica's ophthalmologist had no graph, no lines, and no way to easily figure out which number went into which box.

Like I said, though, 39dollarglasses has this covered! They have a "How to Read My Prescription" link that opens up a new window. This window breaks down each aspect of the script and even has 6 more questions to help answer common questions that people might have about their script. With this information and instruction, I was easily able to enter the appropriate numbers into the correct spots. (And without this guided ordering, I would have become frustrated and probably have left the site and looked for a more user-friendly site if I was ordering eyeglasses for the first time.)


I learned a new word back when I first ordered glasses for my kids (I have two in glasses): Polycarbonate. This basically means that they are impact-resistant, and it is "the same material used to make bulletproof glass", according to the site.

Accidents happen, especially with children (hence the broken pair in the first place!). When I was ordering glasses at the ophthalmologist's office last time around, they highly recommended polycarbonate glasses for the kids, as they were much, much safer.  They told me that if one of the kids wore their glasses in gym class, for example, and a ball hits their glasses, shards of glass could go into their eyes - not a pretty thought! Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover this aspect of the glasses, so up went the price $100 for each pair!

Would you know that 39dollarglasses does not even give you the option to choose polycarbonate glasses when you order glasses for your kids? ALL of their children's glasses are made with the polycarbonate glass, so no matter which pair you choose, your child's eye will be as safe as they can be. And, there's no extra charge or fees for the polycarbonate - I LOVE that! (An immediate savings of $200!)

The polycarbonate is also lighter and thinner than most regular glasses, which is great for children's little faces, too!

More Options

I was provided an allotment to spend at 39dollarglasses, so when it came time to check out, I was able to select the anti-reflective coating, as Veronica likes to use the computer frequently. The last step was probably the most fun, as we were able to choose a "designer" case. This is the one we chose:

How adorable for a 10-year-old girl! And, it all cost less than $75! In addition, I ordered Veronica's eyeglasses on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and we received them in the mail on's that for fast shipping?

My Opinion...(In case I haven't said enough!)

I can't say enough about They not only make it easy to order prescription eyeglasses on their website, they also have a ton of different styles of frames, colors and even cases to choose from! From now on, forget about replacing accidentally broken eyeglasses through our ophthalmologist or at any of the local eyeglass places around here! I'm going to save time and money the next time around and order!

Affiliate Program

If you are interested in working with, they have an excellent affiliate program.

Giveaway!(A Blessing for You!) wants you to check out their website, their easy ordering and their excellent prices, too! They are passing on the blessing of a pair of prescription glasses (up to $75) to one very lucky Mommy Rantings reader! (US or Canada addresses only)

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Thank you, for this opportunity and blessing! I was provided an allotment to spend at in order to perform this review. All opinions in this review are mine.

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